Less than a week before I get on a plane and go back to Pittsburgh. I can’t help but reflect on everything that has happened in my life since I moved to Salt Lake City nearly 2 years ago. I have a great girlfriend, and even though she frustrates me at times, I really do love being with her. I’m still not one hundred percent sure I’m ready to settle down and make it permanent, I’m almost there. That part I know frustrates her, and she’s let me know about it. I still don’t feel I’m in a stable enough place financially to make that kind of commitment. But, I’m close, and that’s more than I used to be able to say.

I’ve worked 2 jobs since I’ve been here, approximately 6 months at Teleperformance doing phone and chat sales for Dell. I really liked the job when it was a chat deal, but once I was put on the phones I lost interest in it and my patience with the incompetence of management really annoyed me. When my hours started getting messed with and soon I was let go. Ultimately, it was the best thing for me. Now, I work at Francini Incorporated as Assistant Manager-Marketing and Projects, and I really like that. Since starting at 8 dollars an hour at Francini, I’m working on a salary, 550 a week, which works out to somewhere in the neighborhood of 12.50 an hour. I love the work, but I have moments where I think that a lot of my co-workers need to be replaced. Still, nearly a year and half at Francini and I realize that I belong. Not many feelings are better than that.

Along the way I’ve also become an ordained minister. Which is something that even I couldn’t have predicted when I moved out here. I can now perform weddings, and give church services if a church were so inclined to have me do so. On some level though, it’s really a statement on how much disrespect has grown for the Christian faith over the years, that anyone (no, seriously, anyone) can become ordained. Still, it means that when Americans as a whole get their heads out of their asses and legalize gay marriage, I’ll be able to do my part and actually perform ceremonies for the homosexual community. They deserve that right, and when the time comes to act on that newly forged right, I’ll be ready for it.

I’ve also started college, at DeVry University. I’ve started my first couple classes, and I think once I get a little more comfortable with my classes (math, I’m looking at you), I’ll be just fine at DeVry and I think I can make the honor roll and all that. Now I realize a lot of people look down on the education offered at DeVry and other private universities and colleges, calling them a scam and whatnot. I often wonder if these are people who couldn’t hack it at the schools and thus want to badmouth the school for their shortcomings. Frankly, for some of us who don’t have the time to waste at a ‘regular’ college or a community college, a private school offers a chance to get the whole degree thing done, and frankly the fast pacing of the classes really separates the ones who can and the ones who can’t. If I were hiring an employee, I’d want someone who can get it done.

Thinking about how things have developed since I’ve moved to Salt Lake City, my life has seriously improved. It’s not perfect, not by a long shot, but the foundation is there for me to build the kind of life I want to live. Working without a net here in Salt Lake has been the best experience I’ve ever had, and I look forward to building on the foundation here and taking my life to even loftier heights. I still miss home, my family, friends, and things like good beer and good cigars, but… I’ve done pretty well for myself here in Salt Lake City, and if I keep going like I have been, I’ll have something wonderful here, that I may be able to carryover when I try to make my permanent comeback to Pittsburgh.


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