From Pittsburgh and Back

I left for Pittsburgh over a week ago, but I didn’t actually stay in Pittsburgh. I stayed closer to Mount Pleasant, in the mountains of Pennsylvania. The Laurel Highlands are beautiful this time of year. Of course, I think it’s beautiful any time of year, but in the late summer/early fall it’s even better. I stayed with my younger brother, sister-in-law and their daughter. It was nice to meet my niece, she’s adorable. I used to live in that house that they live in, and it’s gone downhill. The front door is coming off of it’s hinges, the toilet wasn’t working right, and the place was just a mess (and no internet to update this blog or do my homework). I understand part of it, being new parents, some things get forgotten taking care of the youngin’. Still, it wasn’t the most comfortable stay I’ve ever had.

Got to spend some time with my brothers, my mom, my stepdad, my dad, and my friend T. Since I spent time with T on the first day, he was the only friend I got to hang out with. That bothers me. Still, Tasha and I did get to go to Hershey, which was cool (would have been cooler with more money). Spent a lot of time with my Mom and Terry (my stepdad), which I really needed. I was very homesick, so it was good to get back and see some of the people I love the most. I would have liked to enjoy some Osso’s while I was there, but there’s always next trip. With some better planning, I can do everything I want to with everyone I want to.

Of course, while I was there, I gained some weight. About a half a pound, my baseline weight is 324.5 pounds. I weighed myself this morning, I came in at 324.8 pounds. So, I didn’t gain a whole lot even though I ate quite a bit, I guess the stress of being in JFK airport for an extra 12 hours helped, that and not eating much during the last couple days in Pittsburgh really kept me from gaining too much weight.

With all of that said, I’m looking forward to getting back into the game here in Salt Lake City. I have a lot more to accomplish, like finishing College and potentially finding a new and more lucrative career. So, this week and probably early next week is all about catching up and getting back into my groove. Once I get more established out here, then I can start planning a more inclusive trip back home for a couple years from now. Probably as a graduation gift to myself. In the meantime, I have got to get back to the old grind and make the best of it.


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