6:18 AM, Mountain Time

It’s 6:18 in the morning here in Salt Lake City. I’ve been awake for about an hour and twenty minutes now. I’m feeling pretty good about today. I think the week away from work has really recharged me. I’m looking forward to getting things done at work, and getting caught up at school. Here’s hoping the feeling lasts through the day. I’ve completed my morning workout, and taken the dog out to the bathroom. I’ll be taking him out again in about 40 minutes.

Still, I’ve been thinking about things. Such as am I really cut out for the college thing? Do I really want to stay with Francini when I graduate? Even though the owner of the company doesn’t believe having a degree is useful, particularly a business degree. I think during my first full semesters, I will only be going to school half time, so I can keep up with my studies while my finances and such are still… unsettled. Once I get through those semesters, I think I can take on a standard course load. As for working at Francini… I think I’m going to talk to Career Services and see if they can help me find something better sooner.

I think I need to decide on a day of the week to weigh myself. Maybe Sunday since I’ve established that yesterday. Seems like a good idea, then I can track my weight loss here. If anyone out there reading has any tips for losing weight (or just getting in shape, in general) I’m more than welcome to hear them. For now though, I think I need to kick up the number of reps I’m doing of my exercises in the morning. Moving from 15 to 20, since I started at 10 a few weeks ago. Jumping up 5 this week puts me behind schedule, but just leaving for a week took away my chance to stay on schedule with anything.

I’m sure I’ll have another entry today. There’s something else on my mind… although I may post it over on my livejournal. That would avoid any unwanted issues right now.


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