So, I gained…

I gained about two pounds this week, I’m up to 321.4 pounds, which given my lack of motivation this week doesn’t surprise me. I’ve also gained some motivation, since it’s been three straight days of getting my exercises done in the morning. Picked up a used elliptical trainer yesterday as well. I have to figure out when to work that into the routine, a little cardio wouldn’t hurt, particularly if it helps burn fat too.

I’ve also been thinking that maybe I should seriously consider moving back to Pittsburgh. I’m sure this will pass, even though there are plenty of reasons I want to go back. I have a lot going for me here in Salt Lake City. Not quite sure what I want to do at this point on that front. I think it may have to do with my conversation with Andrea about helping me through college. That would be awesome if I could go to school without paying out of my own pocket.

Beyond that, I’ve been having weird dreams lately. Last night I dreamed I was getting settled into a dorm at school (which is just ridiculous given my current school location) and then I was selling granite to a new fabricator who had been hired to redo all of the school’s granite. It was… interesting, although the fact I’m dreaming about work should be a warning I need to slow down on working so much.


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  1. YES! Move back to Pittsburgh! 🙂

    I’ve been eating salad every day to replace a meal. I’ve been losing about a pound a day, but I’ve also been pooping myself inside out. I do not recommend my new diet unless you want to become a salad shooter.

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