It’s interesting, I’m up to 322 pounds as of this morning in my weight loss quest. On the flip side, my clothes are fitting more loosely and I’m feeling a little better about myself overall. So, while the weight isn’t coming off like I want, it appears I’m gaining muscle. Which while it is leaner, it does weigh more since it is more dense and weight is based on how gravity pulls on things. Which is why a ball of paper falls faster than a flat sheet. So, I’ll take that. Having more muscle can help burn fat, which is my goal. I want to lose the flab.

As for school and work, I’m still behind in my math class. The way it’s set up, requires me to reach 80% on my previous assignment to open the next one. I’m stuck on the Unit 2 review for my math class with a 76.4%, it works out to needing 2 more questions right (would have been one, but rounding is handled by the computer very inconsistently). So, I’m there, but not quite. It’s frustrating. In my critical thinking and problem solving class, I’m fine. Everything is clicking, have a few more assignments to finish and then I’m done with it. I like that.

Professionally, I’ve started looking for a second job. I figure doing half time at school gives me a little more flexibility for a second job. I’ve put in my resume for a sales position with AT&T wireless, as well as for a marketing assistant job. I think either would be great, since one pays really well, and the other is a combination of wage and commission (and I know I can sell). So, hopefully one of those pans out. Andrea is going to be in town in the next couple weeks, I need to talk to he and Moises about some complaints clients have presented to me. Hopefully we can get some movement on that and make Francini more profitable.

Beyond that, it’s been a rather stress free week. I like that. In the meantime, have a great day folks… and vote for me in 2016.


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