You Know Who’s Awesome?

You know who’s awesome? I am. No, seriously, I am. That’s not to say I’m perfect, but I’m working on getting closer to my ideal self. I took my laptop back, since I was renting it. That serves two purposes; one being that I won’t have to make the payment on it which saves me money, the other being that it should cut my dependency on electronic entertainment in the form of facebook and twitter. Okay, just facebook mostly. So, I’ll only have regular access to a computer at work. Although, I may hit the pawn shops next month to see if I can find a cheap laptop there, one I don’t have to pay weekly on.

By cutting out computer use at home, in theory I should be able to get the apartment cleaned up. It hasn’t been clean since we moved in. Mostly because I haven’t had the motivation to do it, between working 6 days a week, and then keeping up with folks via the web… yeah, I just didn’t do it. Cleaned this Sunday though, and got most of the dishes done, the kitchen table cleaned off. So I figure tomorrow I can get more done, as well as on Thursday. Ideally, we’d like to reach the point where we can leave Copper out of kennel at work and not have to worry about him chewing up things that may be important.

I’ve been working in more time on the elliptical into my morning routine, although I do need to see if there’s a battery that can be changed so the display with calorie burn count, and all of that good stuff will work again. It’d be nice to see my results more than just in the mirror and on the scale. Second hand exercise equipment is always good, but there’s always something that needs fixed on it. Now, if I could just get my diet straightened out a little more, I’d be in better position to really amp up my results. Like the last two days I’ve been eating some wicked awesome homemade lasagna… so I’m sure that’s more calories than I needed to be taking in. Right now, I’m all about normalizing on the intake front, and increasing the workload on the exercise front.

Professionally, I’m still scouting for second jobs, and if the package is right a new first job. Although, I’m still not sure I’ll actually leave Francini, but it’d be nice to see my options. I really do like the owner of the company, he seems like he knows what he wants, but I’m not completely sold he knows how he wants to get there. Still, he doesn’t work at this particular location, and that’s really where my problem lies. My issue is that I still don’t know what my new role is supposed to be. Am I a manager? Am I just an extra sales rep? Am I a technical guru? Or am I just here to take up space and look busy like it seems a few members of the staff are here to do. Still, I’ve had much worse jobs, so I won’t complain much, except when to share complaints clients bring to me.

As for my presidential election bid, I am serious about it. I’m just trying to see if a grass roots internet based campaign could actually make any noise nationally. I’m not affiliated with Democrats or Republicans, because I’m not as deceptive as Republicans, nor am I as much of a sissy as Democrats. Not that I think every member of each party is as I’ve described, but it seems that’s the difference between the two. Just as I’ve been for the last several elections I am an independent. Honestly, the biggest problem with our current government is that there are only two parties. So, if you don’t like one party, you get the other. There’s very little compromise because there’s only 2 options. Seriously, if a couple more parties actually started gaining prominence, we could very well see some change that doesn’t upset the majority of one side or the other. Regardless, if anyone has any questions about where I stand on the issues, I’ll answer honestly, and as intelligently as I can. Seriously, I can’t do worse than some other presidents have.

So, all things considered I like the direction I’m going in. School is finally falling together, work is still work, and I’ve got a plan for dropping more weight. Hopefully this positivity stays for the day and I’m in a good mood when I get to school tonight. It’d be awesome if that could happen.


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