I Passed…

So I passed my math class. I’m pretty happy about that, particularly since I missed a week of class as of this time last week I was about 2 weeks behind. So, to get caught up on 2 weeks of work in one week and then pass the class. I think it’s pretty impressive. Even more so considering I needed at least a B, 80% on the grading scale, to pass. So it’s not like I skated by with a D- or some garbage like that. So, I’m pretty amped about that, not sure much can bring me down. Even better, I turned in my final for my other class. As long as I didn’t completely bomb on the final, I should nail down a B in that class too, with the possibility of an A if I get all the points on the final. There’s more, but I’d rather not bring myself down right now. I’ll save that for later.


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