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Are you wearing purple today? Are you wearing purple today in support of ending bullying? Even though it seems that most people are wearing it because of six children who committed suicide because they were bullied over their sexual orientation? Were you bullied in school? Does it matter? Are we so desperate for a cause that we have to create one over something that is unlikely to ever be corrected?

Bullying leads to suicide in people who don’t have the strength to take the punishment and use it for something productive. I was bullied throughout my elementary and middle school life because I different. That bullying still exists today outside of high school. It takes on different names as we get older. Names like racism, religious intolerance,  sexism, and I’m sure there are many more. The ground zero mosque issue has been pretty hot button for many who still demand blood for 9/11. Aren’t the attempts to strong arm the Muslims into moving somewhere else a form of bullying? Persecuting them because they aren’t Christians?

Is bullying wrong? Yes. Will it ever stop? Honestly, I don’t think so. There will always be people who are going to hate others for their race, their size, their sexual orientation, their religion. We can try to stop it all we want, but it really doesn’t prepare anyone for the real world. There are bullies out there too, you either learn how to deal with it, survive, and thrive or you commit suicide. Then the cycle continues again.


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