Victory, thy name is Victory

Got my final done for Critical Thinking and Problem Solving, I don’t think I did well on it. As long as I get 50 out of the possible 150 points I’ll get a B. Which would give me a solid 3.0 GPA. I’m hoping for the best, but a B would be fine by me.

Of course, that was the first thing I did yesterday. In the afternoon I was informed I apparently told a fabricator’s customer not to go to that fabricator. The owner of the company I work for is the one that told me, so I’ve gone through my paperwork and I have nothing. So, most likely the customer never picked anything out here. Ah well, I’ll deal with the issues as they come down.

My shoulder is also bugging me today. Not sure why, but I’ll have to deal with that. Maybe I’ll be back later to go into more detail about things. Who knows?


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