I’m here at work, again. Writing a blog, how very exciting. I’ve come to the realization I lead a pretty boring life. I mean, sure it’s my doing and most of the time it’s a good thing. Or maybe it seems like I don’t do much because I work 6 days a week. While I do enjoy my job, I don’t know if I enjoy it enough to not see about trying to get another day off during the week. Who knows though, really? I mean, maybe this is where I’m supposed to be. Of course, I do have an interview tomorrow with Wells Fargo, a second interview for a position that has me working better hours and making better pay than I am currently. Of course, I’ll be on the phone all day. So I’m not completely sure how amped I am about it, even with the better pay and hours. With it being a call center type of position there is also the possibility of there being a huge dropoff in hours after I’ve been there for a little while. So there’s that potential concern. Although with it being a direct hire position as opposed to a multi-project call center, that may lend itself to stability.

Still, I’m feeling unfulfilled professionally, and some level personally. I don’t know, sometimes I wonder why I’m with my girlfriend. The daily insults are getting to me now, and that’s saying something. I don’t know, really. The worst part is I’m not sure how to bring it up without coming across like a whiny bitch. So, I don’t say anything. I’m sure part of it stems from our collective aversion to doing housework. I’m less averse to it than she is, I’ve been trying to get dishes done. Once I get those to the point where most of the dishes are clean, then I seriously need to get the living room cleaned up. I know I don’t clean up after myself as well as I should, but I really don’t make that big of a mess. Maybe more housework will help me on my weight loss path. Which while it’s slow, it’s still moving in the right direction. On that front, maybe it’s time to start changing what I’m actually eating, not just when I’m eating it.

Still waiting on my final exam to be graded for my Critical thinking class. Even though I’m almost certain it’ll be enough to get me a B in the class, and get me to my 3.0 GPA. Which will be fine, although I want to do better, my lack of desire to work on math will keep that from happening. So, I’ll deal with it. Monday sees me starting my next math class, math 114. Which is the last pure ‘math’ class I need to take. I’m excited about that, and if I stick with the work I’m hoping I can knock it out early. I would love to knock it out early give myself an extra couple weeks to prepare for my English class starting in January.

On another note, I can’t wait for the next Smackdown vs. Raw game. The reviews look excellent on it, and Smackdown vs. Raw is one of those games I can play for a year and still enjoy. Which probably says something about me, but who knows what it is.

Regardless, today should be a good day. Hope each and every one of you have a great day.


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