First Snow of the Season

It snowed, in October, wonderful. I’m not someone who curses the weather because it’s not the weather I want, or expected. Still, I was hoping that I wouldn’t need to start using the heater until next month at the very least. That, and I still need an ice scraper/brush to clean off my truck in the morning. It was beautiful though, at least until I took the dog out in it. While he’s gotten over his issues with going out in the rain, snow is another matter entirely. We came down the steps at about 5:45 this morning, he sits down at the top of the last set of stairs and gives me this look like, “Are you frickin’ insane?”. Luckily enough for me, he listens to me when I talk to him like he’s a real person. So I told him, “I know, but the sooner we get down there the sooner we can go back in.”. He bounded down the stairs and it was the shortest potty run ever.

Anyway, still working on things here at Francini, trying to get some tile sold and out of here. Just a matter of finding the material and tile sizes the customer is looking for. According to the inventory, we have a crate of Travertine Chala 12×12 tiles available. I have no idea where they are. I’m guessing it’s buried behind and under the crates of 18×18 material. I’m hoping, seriously. Otherwise, I’ve got nothing but I need to start figuring out a way to get more tile moving, since we can sell it directly to customers, as opposed to going through a fabricator like with the slabs.

On the relationship front, things are a little better right now. We talked some things out, and I’ve been even more of a jerk than usual. That’s saying something, but ultimately the success or failure of this relationship falls on me. There are still some things I need to change and improve about myself which will ultimately lead to a more successful relationship.

Also, I’m down to 317.4 pounds. So, it looks like I’m starting over the plateau I had been stuck on. If I keep going at the average rate I’ve been going I should be down to about 250 or so by this time next year. I think I need to make some changes, like adjusting my portions when I do eat as well as making some healthier decisions as to what I eat. I also need to figure out how to keep myself from overeating on Sunday, since it’s my only day off I don’t really have a lot of distractions to keep me from eating. Maybe I need to start regularly renting a video game or something that might distract me once my chores are done on Sunday. I don’t know, really.

Anyway, it’s cold here, hopefully it’s warmer where you are. Have a great day people.


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