Wrong Direction

I expected this, and honestly it didn’t end up being as bad as I expected. So I guess there is that. I gained weight, I’m back up to 319.6 pounds, which is to be expected since I didn’t exercise last week. Still only 2 pounds gained counts for something. Either I’m eating better, or the muscle I had previously built is helping my metabolism. I felt like drizzling shit most of the week last week, which led to a lack of exercise. Not really a good excuse, but the one I’m using. I’m back on track as of this morning. I need to stay on track, and I seriously need suggestions for when to work on the elliptical. Maybe I’m too self conscious to use it while my girlfriend’s around. Last thing I need is being criticized for doing what’s best for me, and I know criticism will come. Either that, or I need to move the elliptical upstairs where I do my other exercises and do it in the morning, since in theory it’ll be less noisy for the girlfriend and neighbors downstairs. It’s a thought.

Tomorrow is also election day, even though I’ve been getting all sorts of e-mails from the democratic party urging me to vote early, I’ve resisted doing so. At this point, I’m thinking most of my votes will go to third party candidates, not so much because I agree with their stands on the issues, but because it’s a vote of confidence that may help lead to getting other political parties in a position to be seen as legitimate. The biggest problem with our democratic republic is that we’ve got 2 parties, that (if you believe the rhetoric) are polar opposites. Which effectively means there’s no middle ground, and since people have more concerns than what are typically presented in campaigns and via mudslinging ads. There’s not really a voice for people who don’t believe in either of those “extremes”. Of course, it may also be my own personal belief that the Republicans are insane and out of touch, and the Democrats are sniveling cowards driving this as well. Regardless, I know where my votes are going ‘wasted’ or otherwise.

I also have an interview with Apple tomorrow. It’d be a work at home position as an Apple at Home phone support agent. Based on the qualification phone interview, I can do this without much issue. Which would give me additional skills to add to my resume. Although, there is a possibility that it’s merely a seasonal position which would lead to me turning down any potential offer that I would be given. I’m slowly kicking that to the front of my mind, and trying to get mentally prepared for that. If it turns out to be a permanent position, then I’ll strongly consider it. Then it’ll be a matter of finding a place to set up my home office. One step at a time though. Putting the wagon before the horse isn’t typically a sound strategy.

Beyond all of that, there’s nothing really new or exciting going on in my world. Maybe that will change in the near future, until then… may many angelic vaginas find their way to your crotch by days end.


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