What Was That All About

I shouldn’t be writing this, only because I know it’ll upset my girl. Still, it’s kind of bothering me. The other night I had a dream about a former co-worker, which would make some sense if I had worked with her somewhat recently, but it’s been about 5 years, maybe more since I last worked with her. On the plus side, it wasn’t a sexual dream, which I’m glad about. Still, Tammy and I were never all that close when we worked together so it’s kind of… I don’t know, odd, that I’m dreaming about her. She seemed nice enough, but I wasn’t trying to get close with many co-workers, and the ones I did… well, it turned out pretty badly. I’ve since given that up, but I am human and I occasionally catch myself thinking about what might have been. In many ways, I’m glad none of the what might have been scenarios have had a chance to manifest, cause I probably would have ended up doing something more ridiculous than usual about it.

As for this morning, I got woke up at 3:40 am (give or take a couple minutes) by Copper the Wonder Dachshund. I’m glad he’s been sleeping through most of the night, I’m beginning to question if going back to bed to sleep after taking him out at that time is the best thing for me. Maybe I should use the time to get more of a workout in during the day. Maybe another set of push ups and stomach crunches, try to accelerate my weight loss. Maybe I should work on a route to take Copper on a nice long walk in the morning, get a little more cardio done. Although, once the time goes back this weekend, it’ll read even earlier on the clock, so I could potentially do both. That would really get my weight loss accelerated, I’d love to hit a sub-300 pound mark by New Year’s Day. Then, maybe I’ll consider a gym membership, maybe time with a personal trainer. Although, truth be told the only thing the gym would offer me would be more equipment to work on building muscle and doing cardio.

Another topic that’s been bouncing in my head lately has been homosexuality and bisexuality. Not because I’m considering leaving my camp or anything (although, I suppose technically I could be consider bisexual since I have tried sex with another man… I wasn’t impressed), but the hatred that so many people seem to harbor for homosexuals and bisexuals. Living in the heart of the LDS church’s territory it’s a pretty touchy topic, since they were very much behind the whole acceptance of Proposition 8 in California. I mean, if their angle is that gays and lesbians are ruining society, that they’d allow it. Since gays and lesbians can’t have children (at least with their partner) and many would see homosexuality as a genetic trait, wouldn’t letting them get married eventually end the practice of homosexuality? Maybe it’s the religiousness of the idea of Marriage, even though it’s really become a governmental status. If the government is choosing to allow gays to marry, and not forcing churches to perform ceremonies for these couples what is the issue? I’d really like to know.

Anyway, I think I’ve gotten most of the stuff in my brain out. I’m almost looking forward to comments on this entry, but I won’t hold my breath. The song of the day is “Help Me” by Alkaline Trio, and may angels lead you to water but not make you drink.


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  1. I have dreams about ex boyfriends and people in my past all the time – sometimes of the sexual nature, sometimes just running from zombies. I think it’s normal. I’m sure my husband does the same. It’s cool. It’s just a dream and not really in your control anyway. I wouldn’t sweat it. 🙂

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