Life has Changed

It’s been a few days since I updated, mostly because there hasn’t really been anything worth blogging about. I’d feel kind of silly just updating a blog with a song of the day, but whatever. The past couple days have been rather eventful, which I don’t really mind. Although I suppose at some point I could have kept it from being as eventful. Regardless, I’ll write about it here, because why not share it with the… two or three readers who I may or may not have.

I guess first on the docket would be the newest addition to the household, his name is Patrick (named as such because he was born on St. Patrick’s Day). Patrick is a purebred miniature dachshund, he’s black and white, which is a first for me since I’d never seen a black and white doxie. He’s almost 9 months old, and he’s very affectionate. I picked him up on Sunday night, since then he and Copper have been trying to get to know each other without biting each others head off. It’s been going fairly well, the disputes over bones and toys have stopped, now if we can get Patrick to stop mounting Copper, we’ll be almost where we need to be with the two fellas.

I haven’t been working out lately, which is bad. I need to get back on track. But I haven’t gained much weight, in fact as of 5:30 this morning I’m still a shade above 322 pounds, which isn’t much of a gain considering my lack of exercise and my surplus of eating. I have kind of taken to eating 4 meals and a snack during the day. Breakfast, snack, lunch, post-work meal, and dinner. Since I’ve done this, I haven’t been grazing throughout the evening or anything of that nature. So I count that as a plus. Hopefully, I can get back on track with the exercise and continue with the eating habits that have been serving me very well thus far. Who knows, maybe it’s the secret to start really melting away the pounds.

Got a request to fill out paperwork for a credit check for Apple, which is huge. I think it means I’m close, provided there’s nothing that completely ruins me in the eyes of Apple. Might just nail down that work at home position which could very well lead me to getting into a better place to get my exercising done. That would be awesome, and even if there is a paycut, since I won’t be using nearly as much gasoline in the course of a week, it might still end up being a step forward financially. If this Apple position doesn’t pan out, I’ll stick with Francini until the end of the year, if only to expedite getting my taxes done, if I only have one W-2 then I don’t have to wait all that long to get my taxes done, which means I get my refund sooner, which also means that I can give my saving efforts a real kick in the pants after paying a couple of key debts.

I’ve also been sampling some of the local beers lately, picked up a sampler this past Friday, which included 1st Amendment Lager, Provo Girl Pilsner, Polygamy Porter, and Full Suspension Pale Ale. I have yet to sample the Pale Ale, but both 1st Amendment and Provo Girl were quite smooth and both very tasty. Polygamy Porter seemed a little off in it’s flavor, so I’m not sure what I think of it yet (may have just been a bad bottle). I was kind of surprised with how much I enjoy Provo Girl, since I typically prefer darker beers (porters, lagers, etc.), but it definitely made it’s way into the rotation, forcing out AmberBock most likely. The 1st Amendment Lager will also find a place in the rotation, because I’m thinking maybe I should start getting a 6 pack a week, to unwind from work and such. I think it’s a good idea, stress will kill me if I don’t find a way to release it.

So yeah, last few days have been eventful, but I’m sure it’ll be done soon enough. Anyway, song of the day is “Leave” by Heavens. May you find joy today my readers, if you don’t… may you find strength to continue on in the face of your trials.


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