It’s been nearly a week, I haven’t been exercising because it’s been difficult taking care of the two wieners. So, now I’m trying to find my motivation again, that and I’m looking for some serious suggestions on how to maintain my motivation. I was feeling really good when I was doing my daily workout. So that’s one thing that’ll help. Still, I think I have to make some changes to my eating habits. My new meal schedule has kept me from gaining too much weight. I think I’ve gained maybe 5 pounds since I stopped exercising regularly. Which isn’t bad, since I know I could have been gaining a lot more. So, yeah, any suggestions would be wonderful.

I got another offer to look into a job, this one with TD Ameritrade, which might be more lucrative than my current position. Who knows, frankly, I’m hoping the Apple thing goes right for me. Even if the pay is the same as here, I won’t be spending nearly as much on gas, so that’d be an extra 20-30 dollars a week, which would certainly help in keeping the bills paid. That’s a big one for me. Still, I really think I need a change in my professional life. I still think I’ll try to hold off on a new position until the new year, unless of course it’s much more lucrative than my current position in which case it won’t matter. Yeah, got some thinking to do on the professional front.

I had another bottle of Polygamy Porter last night, and I think the first bottle was just a fluke. The second one was smoother, and tasted a little better. I don’t think it’ll be a regular beer for me, but it might serve as a decent change of pace now and in the future. Still, some of the beers here make me miss Pittsburgh and getting bottles of Yuengling’s Black & Tan, easily my favorite beer, and I have yet to find anything even remotely close to matching it’s smoothness and flavor here in Salt Lake. I’ll keep looking though, maybe I’ll find something that’ll serve as a placeholder until I can get some Black & Tan out here from Yuengling.

Anyway, it’s Friday, hope it’s a good day for you folks. The song of the day today is “Jukebox Hero” by Foreigner, have a great one and may you not hit a herd of cattle on the roads today.


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