Sometimes, I hate my job

Let me clarify, it’s not the job I hate. It’s my co-workers that I hate. It’s seriously like working in a middle school class. They’re always trashing our clients, and occasionally they do their jobs. Maybe I’m the one with the wrong mentality coming into work each day. I come to work to make money, not friends. I don’t feel the need to share every intimate detail of my life with those I work with. I don’t need validation, I need a paycheck. I’m sure if I talked to the owner, I’d be wrong. I have been before. At least, I think I was. I made some complaints about how things were being done (and not done) and he came in for a visit, and we talked. Nothing changed. Not even close to changing.

Now the acting manager is claiming it’ll be very busy this week, since it’s right before Thanksgiving. If that were the case it’d have been getting busy at least a couple weeks before this, I could be wrong, in a way I hope I am. But the fact is, most people get started on their new counters a couple weeks before they’re necessary. Not last minute, shopping for stone is not like picking some piece of crap for your roommate on Christmas Eve. So, yeah.

I really hope Apple can use my services. I’d like to work alone, completely alone so I don’t have to deal with the bullshit that comes from dealing with other people. I doubt it’s going to come through, but I need hope. Song of the day is “Close Friends with Sharp Knives” by kill the drama


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