The New Penny looks rather awesome

I just noticed I have a new penny, with the shield on the back. It looks pretty cool. If every penny looked like this one, I’d consider keeping more around. Of course, I still prefer larger denominations of change and of course dollar bills. Still, the penny looks good so I’m cool with them now too.

On another note, I don’t think I’m getting hired by Apple. Even though they went through the credit and background checks, but I guess my credit information scared them away. I’m not completely surprised, a little disappointed, but not surprised. With that done, I think I’m going to hold off on my job search until next year. This way I only have one W-2 and I can get my taxes done more quickly and in theory, get my tax refund back sooner. Then I can fix my truck, buy a new laptop, and put money back for some other purpose (maybe a down payment for a better vehicle after my truck is paid off, or a move to someplace random… like Omaha or… um… Hoboken).

The wieners slept through most of the night last night. Aside from a trip outside at about 10:30, which was probably prompted by the girlfriend coming to bed about that time, they slept until my alarm went off, 5:15 this morning. So, that’s good. Hopefully it’s the start of a nice trend, which would probably help me feel better physically. Haven’t gotten back into a workout regime. Which isn’t good, but I still have to clean up the loft so I can properly exercise. I think I’m also going to look into weight loss supplements, if only to help jump start the process again. I’m a little anxious about that though, since I don’t like to use any sort of drugs or other assistance in most things. I take my vitamin in the morning, and that’s about it.

Anyway, an average day so far… song of the day is, “You Don’t Need Me, Now” by Clint Black. Have a great one boys and girls, the Saint has nothing but love for you all.


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