I Used to Care, Really

I’m sitting here at work, thinking to myself. Mostly thinking, “How did I end up this way?” referring to my complete and intense dislike of work. I mean, as little as 10 months ago, I was excited to be a part of this company and was looking forward to growing a career with Francini Inc. Now, though, I hate coming in with the power of a thousand burning suns. Thinking about it, it really comes down to a few things.

My co-workers are probably the biggest issue, and not just co-workers but also the management. I mean, it’s great that the place is so laid back but there have to be limits. People throwing each other under the bus, and general sniping. The fact that everyone knows everything about everyone else (except me, by design). So there’s near constant sniping, and then issues stemming from innocent things (pranks getting out of hand, etc.). Of course, the manager here has no control over anything going on here. So nothing changes, even when one goes to the top of the ladder (the owner of the company), words get exchanged but ultimately nothing changes. It’s kind of ridiculous.

Part of the issue with management stems from communication, if you’re not one of the chosen, you’re not going to know anything about what is going on in the company. For example, ten months ago, I was in the running for the manager position at a new location. Since then I have taken myself out of the running, because there was no new information filtering down to me (potential manager). It was frustrating, and frankly if I have to fight to get information to do what would be my job, what does that say about my status in the company? So, I’m not really concerned about high level communications, but day-to-day communication is suffering as well. No one knows what is actually on hold, on a sales order, or anything like that, because there is no communication. I’m more removed from it now, since my primary function is maintaining the computer network and putting together paperwork for projects (sales, and things of that nature), still it’s frustrating to put something on hold for a customer only to have to tell them 5 minutes later that the material is on hold for someone else.

It’s ridiculous. Maybe I’ll add to this list later, but don’t count on it. I got people trying to get through my wall.


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