… For Me, it’s a Saturday.

Saturday is Christmas, and for a lot of people it’s a time of joy. Spending time with family and friends, and the gifts. I like the idea of Christmas, I really do. The problem isn’t Christmas itself, it’s the annoying way people stop being themselves for the holiday. Peace, Love, Joy are all fine concepts but why are you only trying to promote them during the season? Particularly when you’re a douchebag the rest of the year? I didn’t realize being a nice person was only a Christmas thing. Maybe I’ve just become cynical and jaded, but really a lot of people are just full of crap this time of year.

I know I’m not exactly a joy to be around this time of year. I don’t hide the fact that I’m mostly apathetic in regards to Christmas. Part of it is the fact that I’m horrible at receiving gifts, I guess I want to feel like I’ve earned everything not have some of it handed to me. I’m sure I’m not the only one like that, but I don’t hide it well at all. The fact, that I miss my family doesn’t help either. I’d like to visit them, but that won’t happen until sometime next year at the earliest (I’m hoping to go around my birthday with enough money to enjoy some of the things I miss that aren’t family related), and maybe if I can get the finances right, maybe again around Christmas or New Year’s. I miss my family, and I miss my friends. There’s also my dislike of decorating, at some point it seems like it stops being about celebrating the season and becomes a competition. While I enjoy competition, I prefer something less… subjective than something like Christmas decorations.

With all of my faults, just means there’s more for me to work on. Since Christmas only comes once a year, I have to figure out a way to get through without completely depressing everyone around me. Who knows if it’ll happen, but I know I have to put in the effort to change it.

Incidentally, the song of the day is “Dominick the Donkey (The Italian Christmas Donkey)” by Lou Monte


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