Happy New Year

It’s officially 2011. First day of the year, and I’ve been rather productive. I finished what dishes weren’t done yesterday, meaning as soon as the wash cycle is complete, I should have all but one glass (that I’m sipping iced tea from). I made a pitcher of iced tea, cleaned the containers that leftovers from Thanksgiving dinner from Tasha’s mom cleaned up. I even finished cleaning the ice cream maker. The kitchen is cleaned up, laundry is put away, and most of the garbage is out (I still have a couple pizza boxes to toss when I take the dogs out next). I knocked out a couple more missions in Midnight Club, bringing my won car total in that game up to 4 and my grand total of cars in the garage to 5. So, if this first day is any sort of indication, I think I’m going to have a productive year.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking, and acquired a list of banks that I could use with my current Chexsystems issues. Which means, in theory I can open an account and use it to pay off old debts, clean up the credit and Chexsystems so then I can spread my money out a little bit. I need to look into a 401(k) and/or an IRA, start making my money work for me and preparing for my eventual retirement. I know where I want to go now, and I’m not settling for less than I deserve.

I also need to really buckle down on the school work. My Bachelor’s Degree is one of the keys to me getting where I want, and need, to go in my life. It’s taken me too long to get to this point. I’m an adult, and it’s high time I start acting like it. Between the financial goals, and educational goals, you’d think I’d have enough on my plate. As well as working full time to keep things steady enough to build upon. It’s a challenge and it’s not going to happen overnight. I do know that I need to move into the full time schedule to get to my degree as quickly as possible. If I can kick it up a notch to where I can take 3 classes a session that would be splendid.

I also have started setting some goals for my weight loss. Well, not so much goals but rewards for every 1o pounds I lose, I’m going to by myself a new shirt and new pants. It serves two purposes, really. One it helps me infuse some new clothes into my wardrobe and into the work rotation. If I get the right clothes, I can dress more professionally on a day to day basis and that may help my stock when it comes time for raises and promotions. When I eventually reach the 50 pound plateau, not only will I pick up new clothes, but also a new video game. As for my final goal weight of 225, when I reach that point I don’t know how I’ll reward myself. Maybe I’ll save buying myself a new suit for that day. Perhaps when that happens, I can find a great deal and get multiple suits at that time. One thing at a time.

I also need to start managing my time better. So I need to pick up a date book, planner type thing when I get paid on Friday. That way I can keep track of when I’m working out, taking class, when assignments are due, and other important things (like doctor’s appointments). Maybe I should start using my iPod touch for something more than just music, I’m sure there’s apps for it (if it’s not already part of the OS). I’m looking forward to making myself a better man this year, by any means necessary.

The song of the day is “The Captain” by Biffy Clyro.


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