First Weigh-in of 2011

So, I started my workout schedule again this morning (in fact I finished about 45 minutes ago) and I weighed myself. I know how far I have to go, I’m weighing in at 325.4 pounds today, which means I need to drop 100.4 pounds to reach my goal weight. I’m okay with that. So my breakfast this morning has consisted of a multi-vitamin, a bowl of french vanilla granola, and a small glass of iced tea. Lunch will probably be similar, probably a b12 vitamin instead of a multi. I’m doubling up on granola because I picked up a gallon of milk, leaving me with 2 full gallons. Don’t want it to go to waste.

Dinner, I’m thinking of making some hamburgers. I picked up some lean ground beef (10% fat, as opposed to the 27% I usually purchase) so I think that’s where I’ll go on that one. Since I now have the proper tools to make properly shaped burgers I’m more likely to actually make burgers. Tomorrow, I work, and I’ll be drinking a lot of water. Work is going to be the biggest struggle since we’re going into January which is typically a slow month and that means boredom. So I’ll probably end up wanting to eat. This is part of the struggle of shedding fat, temptation. I’ll fight through it, rise above it. Build myself into a beacon of physical something or another.

As for specifics of my workout, since I’m coming back after a couple months off. I’m starting with 15 stomach crunches, 15 push ups, and 3 minutes on the elliptical (which we finally moved upstairs). Although, I think I may have to split the exercise, doing the crunches and push ups in the morning after I wake up and then get on the elliptical after work. Since the display is broken, and I have no idea how to measure distance run on the elliptical I’ll have to work on amount of time spent on the machine. Maybe once the weather warms up again, I may start taking long walks with the wieners. I know Copper needs to work out as much as I do. He’s a little over 25 pounds, which is getting close to overweight for a dog his size… and Patrick is getting a little pudgy too.

Who knows, maybe if both wieners and I start getting into better shape it’ll inspire Tasha to work at it. Not that I think she needs it, but she isn’t happy with her body. Maybe it’s my philosophy change that I took up heading into 2011, “If you want something to happen, you have to make it happen.”. With that said, I’m ready to work on myself and to make my weight loss happen. After that… who knows.

Song of the day today is “Stay Lucky” by The Gaslight Anthem


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