Second Weigh-in

Off to a good start, even though yesterday wasn’t a really smart day of decisions by me. Since there’s still fattier foods in the house, I started trying to get those finished off. Things like the last of the fattier ground beef, and bacon. Still, I lost .8 pounds, which is nearly one percent of my overall goal. It’s better than I expected going into the bathroom to check my progress and update my tracker over on I posted a small badge as to my current weight in the about section on the homepage here, so if you’re following my progress you don’t have to read through my hubris to get to it. Anyway, with that loss of .8 pounds, my weight stands at 324.6 pounds. So, I’m already making progress.

I honestly believe that my metabolism really just needs a kick start in order for me to start really shedding the pounds. With this kind of early success as part of this long term goal for 2011. It gives me a little more hope and motivation to not only make this work for me, but to really start meeting my other goals for 2011 and beyond. Particularly since a lot of my goals are longer term goals (like for my eventual retirement and such). I’m looking to do as much as I can to set myself up to retire comfortably, although I’m not completely sure about much between now and then.

Beyond weight loss, my immediate goal is to get my taxes done for this year so I can pay off a couple past issues and get in to open up at the very least a savings account (although, I’d like to have both checking and savings), get my truck in order, and pay off (or mostly pay off, depending on how everything shakes down) this laptop. Immediate items, that can in theory make the more long term goals easier to accomplish.


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  1. Keep up the good work. I find that blogging about progress really helps. I too still need to purge some things out of my frig and cabinets. I find if I keep myself occupied with other things I’m not thinking about sweets all the time. Do you have a support group?

    • It’s still early, I tried doing this last year and then stopped around the holidays which was poor planning on my part. Once I get the worst foods out of the pantry and fridge, I’ll be in good shape. One of my other goals this year is to start doing things I enjoyed a lot before moving out here, joining a bowling league, and playing the fantasy games I so enjoy. As for a support group, I don’t have one at least not in the traditional sense. I’m not meeting with people or anything like that, but I get feedback from friends who are in the same situation (albeit a few thousand miles away) and we offer up thoughts and tips that may help each other. Of course, the people physically closest to me are probably going to be the ones who’ll end up leading me into being derailed.

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