Good, Bad, I’m the guy with the gun…

It’s Wednesday, it doesn’t really feel like Wednesday. Feels more like a Monday, not in the sense I dread it or anything, but the fact that it feels like a new week. Maybe it’s just me. Not much in my world right now, aside from the fact that my weight loss isn’t going the way I was hoping. It’s still early in the process so I’m not fussed about it. I’m up about two-tenths of a pound, but considering I’ve been trying eat the worst foods in the house first, I’m not surprised by this.

I’ve worked out for four days in a row now. I’ve kicked up my reps of push ups and stomach crunches to 25 each (I started at 15, to ease back in). So my workout is starting to feel like a workout now. I’ve been running on the elliptical every evening for the last three days, the first day I tried in the morning but it’s too noisy and I don’t need any noise complaints from Tasha or the neighbors. Doesn’t help that Patrick, Wonder Dachshund in training, barks at me while I’m on the elliptical. So, I expect my weight to start coming down regularly in a couple days.

Lately, my mood has been better. Part of that is the working out thing, I know it releases endorphins and all of that good stuff, so that’s helped. It also helps that it’s been surprisingly busy at work lately, which means I don’t spend my whole day in my office. I do enjoy actually doing things at work. I don’t expect the busyness at work to last since January is almost always a slow month, and February isn’t much better. Still, being in a good mood is a nice change. Not only for me, but for my co-workers as well.

I’ve also started getting back into things I used to love. I’ve got an opponent lined up to start playing Magic: The Gathering against, just trying to nail down a date and time to get that first game in. Once that first game is in, maybe I can get involved regularly with a group of players and maybe play a few tournaments. Some part of me always wanted to play in a Magic tournament, I never had the money to do it before though. Now that things are settling down, maybe I can get on that.

I’ve also started reconsidering my educational path. While I like the idea of marketing as a career, sometimes I think I’d like to try nursing. It’s something that I feel like I could do reasonably well with. I’m generally a nice person and all of that, and I know I’m smart enough to get through classes and such. I also like the fact that I should never have a problem finding work, which is nice to know. Still, I’ve already put some time in to getting my marketing degree, and all of that. So I’m not sure what I want. I’ll figure it out though.

Anyway, the song of the day is “It’s Only Me (The Wizard of Magicland)” by Barenaked Ladies


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