Back on Track… I hope

So after a few days of rather steady weight gain (about a pound and a third a day), I’m finally losing weight again. I didn’t realize granola had so many calories, so while I enjoy it I’ll have to limit my intake of that delicious food. So, I’m down to 327.4 from a high of 328.6 yesterday. I’ve been steadily adding the number of reps I’m doing for my calisthenics, I’m up to 30, and I’ll be sticking there for a little while. It should stay a challenge for awhile. Outside of a lack of elliptical work the last couple days, I’m doing all I can to drop this weight. Spent more time looking at calorie content at the grocery store this week than I usually do. Hopefully this will help escalate the effectiveness of what I’m doing. So, yeah, overall, I’ve gained 2 pounds, but between poor eating and low food awareness, I deserved it.

On other notes, I stated before the turn of the year that I wanted to get back into some things I used to love doing. Like playing Magic: the Gathering, well I took the first steps towards that. I found a couple of great deals on starter decks on Amazon, after shipping and all of that good stuff, it worked out to under 14 dollars for 2 decks. While I don’t think they’re limited tournament legal, it’s a good chance to get a hold of a new rulebook and take a look at some the changes that have taken place since I ceased playing 4 or 5 years ago. I’m also considering playing in the sealed deck tournament for the prerelease of the Mirrordin Besieged expansion, get a taste of tournament life, and build my collection a little bit. Only problem is it’s at midnight on a Thursday (into Friday morning), which means I’d be useless at work on Friday, but since it’s only a few blocks from where I work… it may be doable. Kind of on the fence on that one. Still, I’m excited about returning to things I enjoyed. My IWA return went about as well as could have been expected. So things are falling together.

I’ve also purchased a couple of Biffy Clyro albums off of and the more songs I hear, the more I like Biffy Clyro. Their sound is unique, and there seems to be a song that fits into a different type of sound. Always good to get a hold of more good music, cause one can never have enough. I like having good music, particularly since I’d like to have a nice music collection to use when I get my next cell phone.

Speaking of that cell phone, I’ve decided on AT&T for my provider and probably the Samsung Focus as the actual phone. I like the idea of using MS office on the go, as well as having space for my music. Expansion capability is nice too, only thing that’d make it better would be if I could use both my new personal number and work number together on it. Can’t have it all though, so I’ll deal. Although, I did stop in to see what my deposit would be, and it’s much higher than I expected. I knew my credit was bad, but didn’t think it was that bad. On the other side, it could be useful down the line, since most deposits come back in the form of credit on the bill. It may have to wait, depending on how much my truck costs to fix.

Anyway, I think I’ve babbled enough for this morning. I’m sure a lot of you missed my words, and I appreciate that. Song of the day is “God & Satan” by Biffy Clyro. Have a wonderful day, ladies and/or gentlemen.


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