Nearly 4 pounds

327.4 pounds down to 323.6 pounds, that’s 3.8 pounds. Honestly, I’m doubting the scale at this moment, but I weighed myself three times, and got the same weight each time, so it’s either right or the scale is consistent when it’s wrong. That gives me a net loss from the beginning of the week, and of the diet of 1.8 pounds. Which, isn’t bad overall, considering during the week I had jumped up in weight something like 3 pounds. Now, in addition to my doubt of the scale, I’ve been thinking maybe all the things I’ve been doing to kick start my metabolism are working. Been taking in 66 mcg of vitamin b-12, drinking green tea, and of course building muscle via calisthenics. So, maybe the scale is right, and the pounds will start melting away regularly now.

According to the weight loss tracker I’ve been using on I’m right on schedule with reaching my goal. Although I’ve taken a roundabout path to get there. Again, this is providing that the scale gave me the correct information this morning when I got on it. If it did, hooray for me. If it didn’t, well, tomorrow will be a disappointing day. Either way, I’m okay with what has been happening. A little pain from sleeping on my shoulder before working out, but beyond that I feel good after the workout each morning.

On another note, I have to really start working on getting things caught up financially. Specifically, the cable bill. I’m about a month behind, mostly because other things have required my attention, as it stands, it’s about 50 dollars behind… and off. Which is frustrating, mostly because the office isn’t open today to get that taken care of. It also means I can’t afford a haircut, which bothers me a lot. I really need a haircut or at least enough product to keep it looking rather nice until I can get it cut. I’m close to having my life balanced, it’s just getting over the last couple of humps. Monday morning, I’ll be a little late to work, but the cable will be back on.

Hopefully, I get the forms I need to get my taxes done. The sooner I have that money, the sooner I can get all the other immediate issues in my life worked out and be ready to fix older mistakes. Outside of the positivity from my weight loss, I feel like I could be doing a lot better overall. There’s always tomorrow, today… today, I’ll make the best of things.

The song of the day, today is “The Beast” by Tech N9ne.


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