One Step Forward, One Step Back

It looks like I’m going to gain a little weight, then lose a lot of weight each week. Last week I gained about 3 pounds, only to drop nearly 4 on Sunday. So far this week, I’m up one pound. If that’s the way this is going to go, I’m okay with it. I do know I’m getting some results with it. The black golf shirt I’m wearing today fits a little more loosely than usual. So that’s a sign of progress. So, my current weight is 324.8 pounds, so a little more than a pound gained. Still, it’s below my starting weight, which I consider a small victory.

I am thinking I’ll be upping the number of reps I do each morning very soon. My push-ups didn’t even seem like much of a workout, the stomach crunches definitely are still effective though. So I may wait until both exercises aren’t feeling like a workout before I start adding reps again. I guess we’ll see. I definitely need to find more time for the elliptical. If only to start getting the benefits of doing that along with my other additions to try and bump up my metabolism.

Incidentally, I started picking up some other clothes for my collection. I bought a pair of jeans that are slightly too small. I figure once I hit 320 pounds (or maybe 315) I should fit right into them. I can wear them proudly as a symbol (THESE JEANS WILL BE A SYMBOL!) of my success thus far. Sadly I didn’t see any shirts when I was at the store closing sale for the local K Mart. I should pick up some under clothes before they all disappear from the store. I could use some.

In other news, I’m so glad that the Saints and Eagles lost this weekend. I’m not a fan of either team, and I got sick of hearing how great they are from my co-workers. So, for them to lose and for my team to still be in the tournament is wonderful. Still, it’s altogether possible the Steelers lose to Baltimore this weekend. If the Steelers can get it done, I hope the Jets knock off New England, because I think the Steelers can beat the Jets, not so much the Patriots. Negativity perhaps, but the Pats have our number it seems. It’s cool though, I do enjoy playoff football, even if my team doesn’t make it all the way to ring #7.

As for the rest of my life, it’s still going on. Nothing spectacular to write about, aside from helping my step-dad with technical support this morning. I’m surviving, and enjoying my work a little more than I was. Although I’m still passively job searching, I don’t see myself leaving early in 2011. Unless, something comes down where I’m making a lot more money than I am now with about the same amount of work involved, then I’ll consider it, but right now life is good, even if I do think the manager still has no clue what he’s doing. I also need a pair of sunglasses, all the snow that hasn’t melted (plus the new snow) is really hard on the eyes. I need to get a pair that cost more than a dollar, I think.

Anyway, song of the day is “In the Summertime” by Roger Miller.


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