Steady as she goes…

I didn’t post an entry yesterday, there are some weeks that I don’t post entries at all. I’ve been trying to post more often to kind of track my progress in the weight loss arena. My weight has increased since the end of last week, but I’m on the right side of that trend now, weight went down a bit between yesterday and today. I started doing a second set of exercises in the evening, since they seem to take less time than getting on the elliptical. I may try to alternate between my calisthenics and elliptical in the evening. Maybe then I’ll be able to get a real rhythm going after work. Anyway, my weight sits at 325.8 this morning, about half a pound more than where I initially started, but since I’m figuring out what is keeping me from consistently dropping weight, I can adjust my habits and make it a more effective habit in regards to my weight loss.

The rest of this week is going to be a struggle, since I’m getting sick. I had a couple symptoms yesterday, but today yeah I can feel it all. I’m fatigued, sore throat, runny nose, and some body aches, although I concede that the body aches may be a byproduct of those additional repetitions yesterday evening. My body isn’t used to that, so there is always that possibility. Thing is, when I’m sick all I want to do is eat, sleep, and relax. Unfortunately, I can’t do those things and continue collecting my paycheck, nor will I continue losing weight. So, it’s either I make myself feel better and gain more weight or deny myself and be more miserable than usual when I’m sick.

On a more positive front (I guess) the Magic: the Gathering cards I ordered from Amazon are scheduled to be delivered today. Means I should be able to build a deck tonight and possibly have a reasonably effective deck when it comes time to start dueling again. I’m still considering the prerelease sealed deck tournament on the last Thursday/Friday of the month. While I’d like to add to the collection, I don’t think it’s a feasible thing, since I’m usually in bed by 9 most nights, I’m not even sure I can stay awake long enough to get there. Also means that I wouldn’t be at home to take the wieners outside in the morning, and that could lead to extra tension that I don’t want to deal with. At this point I’m leaning against the tournament, but if one is held during ‘normal’ hours, I’d be down.

Beyond that, not much to report in my life. I’m just trying to survive and do the best I can… and failing at some aspects of that. Song of the day today is: “Imaginary Places” by Busdriver


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