Accomplishment and Non-Accomplishment

I still don’t feel well, but since we’re already down two people at work I have to go. I’m not happy about that, but at least I have a job to go to. I know there are still a lot of people out there looking for work. So, I’m ahead of a lot of people. Going to work today is even more necessary since I should be getting my W-2 today (or maybe tomorrow, depending on when paychecks and such actually get to the office), and that puts me a bit closer to getting my taxes done and having that money to use to start correcting old financial issues. I also need to get into DeVry to withdraw officially. Once I get my tax refund then I can start the application process at Salt Lake Community College. I figure that might save me a few dollars and get me about the same level of education as DeVry.

Anyway, I was looking over the stats for this blog. Page views, and all of that good stuff, and so far during this month I’ve been getting 3 or 4 views (on average) a day. That’s more than I really thought I’d have when I started doing this blog. Still not many comments, but I imagine a lot of the people on the incoming links get disappointed that I’m not spouting off a lot of focused and useful information. This blog is mostly a place for me to complain about my life, explain some of my goals, and possibly gain support for things I can’t do myself. Still, to those of you who are reading, I appreciate it and I’m glad you’re here.

Then there’s my weight loss, or lack thereof. I’m up about 2 pounds today. Which I expected because of my eating habits when not feeling well. I ate a lot of soup yesterday, Tasha made said soup and it was really good. Still, last week saw me have a rather large gain in weight, then a significant drop in weight the following day. Maybe that’s what’s in store for me this week. I’d be okay with that. Still, I know have to change some things up in my eating and exercise habits. Yesterday, for example I didn’t do my exercise, I did walk the dogs 5 or 6 times, so that’s like an hour of walking in 10 minute increments every hour. So, there’s that. Since I’ve started eating a little more… effectively, healthily, my facial hair has been growing a little better, so maybe one day I can grow a decent beard. Up to 327.4 pounds, again. Hopefully, tomorrow I’ll be down 3 or 4 pounds, giving me a good start on the week. I know I’m getting some kind of results cause my clothes are looser, but the scale isn’t reflecting it yet. I’ve got a while before I really need to be concerned about not being close to my goal.

I got my first two Magic: the Gathering decks yesterday. I could have sworn I ordered a deck with blue in it, but I guess I was mistaken. Still, both decks look like they’re decent to start with. There are a lot of new rules I need to learn, new card types to learn how to use and all of that, but just having a couple decks worth of cards is a fine start to me. If I have the free funds this week, I might grab some cards from the local shop on the weekend. Work on tweaking these decks, and building more of a collection so I can build my ideal deck. Still hoping to get a shipping cost soon on the cards my friend said she’d send me. Cause I know that it’s a decent size collection, the more cards you have the more deck possibilities you ultimately have.

Beyond all of that, there’s not much going on in my world today. With that said, the song of the day is “Shock, Shock” by Biffy Clyro. Stay thirsty, my friends.


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