Breaking Barriers… issue #1

It’s a good morning, not only because it’s a Saturday and that means I only have 4 hours of work today. Honestly the whole going to work thing probably makes it less good, seriously the six day work week thing is for the birds. Can’t call off though, there’s a promotion waiting for me once Mike goes to Seattle, I intend to take it… because I am the Show and I am amaaaaaaaaaaaaazing! Seriously though, I got done with my morning routine. Walking the dachshunds, doing my morning workout, hitting the scale, and getting a shower. I feel good because I was able to double up my reps during my morning workout without hurting myself (broke them into two sets of 30 each) and that my weight has dropped to 319.2 pounds. Which is close to a 3 pound difference from where I was yesterday. The sickness I had been dealing with is mostly gone, although there is the occasional cough to deal with, but yeah. Things are back on track relatively quickly.

This week overall, has been very good to me, hit my previous low water mark for weight, then after gaining a couple of pounds I dropped below that today. Now, that I think I can safely double my workout time, I should drop the weight even more quickly than I have been. Which since the first week has been usually a pound or so a day. I figure by the end of February, I’ll be well into a new wardrobe, and I’ll be able to show even more confidence in myself (as if it’s even possible, I am still very much amazing). I figure once I figure out how to get the dog to stop barking while I’m doing the elliptical thing (or trying to), the gut I have will slowly start melting away. Then, maybe my clothes won’t shift as much when I move. Seriously, if I had known having a gut would cause this many issues I never would have gotten one.

In other news, I wish DeVry would have gotten me my 1098-T sooner. The way everything fell, I won’t be getting my refund for about 2 weeks (factoring the time at the bank to process the fees I have coming out of it). Still, I’m liking the fact that my taxes are done. Depending on how much it costs me to get my truck fixed, I should be okay and have plenty of funds to buy myself some new clothes and Tasha’s birthday gift, a gift that if she works with it could keep on giving for awhile. There are things I’d like to get out of my refund but they’re not really necessary although they could be good for my continuing weight loss. Still, have to get everything in order and see how it all shakes down. I’ll skip on some fun stuff if it means peace of mind.

Anyway, your song of the day is: “If You Had a Bad Time” by Alkaline Trio


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