Seven Pounds

Since I started my diet and workout regime a few weeks ago, I’ve lost seven pounds. That’s 7 percent of my goal (approximately), and I’m about 6 percent through the time period I choose to meet my goal by. So I’m ahead of the curve. I started at 325.4 pounds, this morning I weighed in at 318.4 pounds. 3 more pounds and then I’ll be purchasing myself a new set of clothes (I have a hard time calling it an outfit, I’m weird, remember). Even with a huge lunch (and not much else) yesterday to drop 3 pounds from where I was yesterday is wonderful. I started Sunday at 321 pounds. Clearly I need a large meal to give the metabolism a bit of a jump start. It’s definitely knowledge I can use as I continue down the path I’m on.

On a mildly related note, this cold or whatever it may truly be is annoying me. Saturday, I felt mostly fine, a couple of minor muscle aches, but nothing too out of the ordinary. Sunday, felt fine most of the day, after watching the Steelers’ game my throat was really sore, my muscles were exceptionally achey, and my nose and sinuses felt really stuffed up. This morning, I’m feeling about the same as last night. Why I came to work, I’m not sure. Aside from the fact I need to show I’m willing to at least come in when I’m not at 100 percent. Still, I don’t feel well, and I may see if I can duck out of here in a couple hours. Depends on whether I start feeling better or stay the same… or feel worse, which would be terrible. Because I didn’t feel well this morning, I didn’t do my calisthenics, which isn’t going to help my weight loss. It’ll be okay, as long as I stay careful with what I’m eating.

I mentioned the Steelers game, and I’m pretty excited about the Super Bowl. I mean, I always am when the team gets there, but this year seems like it’ll be another quality game against the Packers. Offensively, the Packers have a lot of skill, and Aaron Rodgers is better than Brett Favre ever was for the Pack. Still, it’s a lot of their players’ first Super Bowl, and I’m sure that’ll play a role in how the game shakes out. My early prediction is the Steelers win a close one, 21-17. Still, should be entertaining.

Anyway, not too much going on in my world right now. Just hoping to get better soon, so I can get my life in order. Song of the day is: “God & Satan” by Biffy Clyro, specifically for the lyrics, “I make you miserable, you stick with me, although you know I’m gonna ruin your life.”. Biffy Clyro is an awesome band.


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