It’s Been One Week…

It’s been one week since the last time I wrote an entry, maybe more. I’d like to say I’ve been busy, and in some ways I have. I’ve been acquiring things to make my life more enjoyable. Last week I bought a Playstation 3 from a co-worker, it’s not a bad system. I could live without the updating time it takes for games, but once the updates are done the games load quickly and play well. This weekend I acquired a 54″ television from an older couple who placed an ad on KSL giving it away for free. Getting up the stairs was relatively easy thanks to a good plan from Tasha’s brother, Ben. Still, 15 year old big screen TVs weigh a lot, so my shoulder was a little sore yesterday. I also got my first real cigars since moving to Utah, as well as a humidor to properly store them.

So, busy week. I have to make this week a busy week as well. I need to get back on track with my diet and workout routine. I’ve opted to change up the workout schedule, mostly to try and force myself to get on the elliptical three times a week. Since it’s loud, and Patrick likes to bark while I’m on it. It has to be an afternoon thing. I’ve updated my google calendar with that, as well as when I need to pay bills and things like that. I’ve got to get it together, overall. Last week, I was fighting a sickness, so that’s part of my excuse for falling off the wagon (as it were). I didn’t want to work out, and I wanted to eat… a lot. I’ve got a lot of work to do.

I’m also behind on housework. Mostly the dishes, and keeping the water bottles filled up. We’re down to a handful bottles in the fridge, and that will never do. So, tonight after doing some time on the elliptical (or maybe before), I’m going to get a load of dishes in the dishwasher and get the water bottles refilled. I also need to get back on track by making complete meals. Meat, vegetable, and some form of starch… although I probably need to cut back on the starch (or increase the length of my workouts). I also need to take the wieners on a long, long walk before bed. Saturday night and Sunday night they slept through the night. I got to sleep in on Sunday morning because of it and I was well rested for work on Monday for a change. I figure the walk will help me drop a little more weight, and maybe it’ll do the same for Copper. He’s getting chubby, and as much as people like bratwursts… I don’t really want him to have more problems because of his weight.

I guess to sum everything up, being sick sucks and really puts one behind the eight ball when it comes to keeping things on track. Still, sometimes people need a break. As it stands, I’m still below my starting weight, so I didn’t damage my goal too much with the lack of exercise and the gorging. There are clean dishes for tonight and tomorrow, and there are a few bottles of water in the fridge. So things could be a lot worse. Anyway, the song of the day today is, “Gyroscope” by The Tea Party


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