It’s 6:09 in the morning…

I’ve been awake for nearly an hour and a half. I’ve taken the wieners to the bathroom, twice. I’ve done 75 stomach crunches and 75 push ups. I’ve weighed myself, taken a shower, and gotten dressed and ready for work. Well, at least as ready for work as I’m going to be. Yesterday was a reasonably productive day, hopefully today is reasonably productive as well. I got large percentage of the dishes washed, bought two new pairs of shoes, new socks, and made dinner. Although I didn’t get on the elliptical like I had wanted to. I think the running around I did making dinner and washing dishes might be a suitable substitute.

On the weight loss front, I didn’t lose any weight today… but I didn’t gain either. I’m at 323.8 pounds, which while heavier than I hoped to be at this point, it’s still lighter than where I started. So I’ll take it. I’m still working on getting back on track. That’s going to be my struggle for the week. Getting back and staying on track with my diet and exercise. Still, the fact I’m even trying tells me something about myself. It tells me how badly I want to be smaller, and that’s something I am glad to notice about me. Being a little more focused on the goal I set for myself a month ago. While it may not last the whole year, it’s been a pretty good start to my epic dieting odyssey.

Got my cigars into the humidor yesterday, and as of 9:20 last night, they were resting at an ideal 70% humidity. I’m pretty geeked about that, now if the weather were just a tad warmer I’d be set to smoke one tonight. I don’t see that happening just yet. Still, it’ll give my smokes time to mellow a bit, which is usually nice. Especially on the fuller bodied smokes. I also should be getting my box of Sancho Panza extra fuerte cigars today or tomorrow. I’m looking forward to those, because they’re as close as I have to a regular brand as I have found in my years of cigar smoking. I like the body of the smoke, I like the spice. So, they fit my desires from a smoke without breaking my budget.

Not a whole lot going on in my world right now. Just killing time, waiting to leave for work. So, I’ll leave you folks with my song of the day, which today is “A Long Time Ago” by Jim Croce.


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