Super Bowl Sunday

It’s Super Bowl Sunday, and as a Steeler fan I’m pretty excited about the game. I’m looking forward to see the team get the seventh ring in their history. That would give them a bigger lead in the number of Super Bowls won over other franchises like San Francisco and Dallas. Still, it should be a great game. The Packers are a great team, and Aaron Rodgers is a great quarterback. I think it’ll be a close game, and relatively high scoring, I’m taking the Steelers 28-24 in this one.

My right middle finger continues going numb. Started after I took out the trash yesterday. Maybe it was the way I was carrying the trash. It’s not as noticeably numb as it was immediately after so I’m taking that as a sign of improvement. Still, it’s a little concerning, but there’s no discoloration nor any other sign of injury. I’ll give it some time and hopefully I’ll be back to normal-ish soon.

After a huge weight gain, I’m starting get lighter again. I’ve increased my workout regimen, adding some new exercises and making every attempt to hit the elliptical trainer every other day (unless I’ve got something else going on that’ll be good exercise like cleaning the apartment and moving furniture. Although I’ve been reading it’s good to take a day off, let the body rest, so muscle can heal and build. Makes the next workout a little more effective, or something. So most Sundays will be a day off from working out for me. I’ll still end up getting some workout type effects cause I do laundry and other cleaning that day, but it’s generally not as intense as my regular workouts.

Not much else going on today, just getting the place cleaned up and ready for the game. Song of the day is the Steelers’ Fight Song Polka, by Frankie Yankovic


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