Starting Over…

So after Super Bowl Sunday I had gained enough weight to be back at my starting point. While part of it may have been the fact that I didn’t stick to my eating plan that day, it could be that I’ve been gaining weight in muscle. Still, it’s a little disheartening to go from 7 pounds below my starting weight and then back up to 325.4 pounds. So, I’ve been working out each afternoon. Why the afternoon? It’s not because I think I’m burning the most fat or anything, it’s because there are noise rules in the apartment complex and Patrick likes to bark at me while I’m on the elliptical trainer. I noticed that yesterday I wasn’t as winded after my workout as I had been on Friday and Monday. I’m taking that as a good sign. I’ve also noticed that my thighs look smoother. As in the fat I had been carrying made my thighs look… lumpy, I guess would be the right term. Now they’re looking like things are fitting the way they’re supposed to and not overflowing into lumps. So, while the weight isn’t dropping, the fat is coming off. I was telling my friend Amanda a couple of days ago that I’d settle for getting down to 250 or 260 if I were a trim 250 or 260. So, I’m getting closer to my alternate goal, if nothing else.

I had a couple beers on Super Bowl Sunday, a Provo Girl pilsner which was very, very good. I think the fact it had been sitting in the fridge for about 2 months helped take the rough edges away from the beer. Provo Girl may become my ‘supermarket’ beer of choice. After the game, I drank one of The Devastator double bocks I bought a couple weeks ago. It’s a more substantial beer than Provo Girl, but it’s one of the smoothest beers I’ve ever tasted (with Yuengling’s Black & Tan being the smoothest). With it being about double the alcohol content of Provo Girl and other beers that are sold in supermarkets here in Utah, I don’t know how regularly I’ll drink it. Going to the liquor store is usually more trouble than it’s worth, even though it’s just around the corner from my apartment. Still, it’s another beer to add to the rotation of local brews that I feel are good enough to drink regularly.

While I was drinking my Devastator, I also smoked a cigar. Kind of calm down after the thrilling end of the Super Bowl. It was one of Cuban Crafters’ house brand cigars, with a Cameroon wrapper. It tasted good, very heavy smoke. I’m not going to feed anyone any bullshit about hints of vanilla, squirrel nuts and leather. Maybe my taste buds aren’t as developed as the people who usually review cigars or what have you, but I never taste any of those things. What I wasn’t pleased with is that it started unraveling about half way through the smoke. It was so bad that I had to stop smoking, but it was annoying. Still, for a cigar that was effectively free with my humidor purchase from Cuban Crafters it wasn’t bad. Construction of the cigar was a bit of a downer, but maybe the smokes just need a little more humidor time or something.

As I write this it’s 6:05 am, and I don’t really have anything specific on my mind beyond what’s already written. I like to think I’ve been in a better mood lately. Although, yesterday was one of the worst days I’ve had since I was sick. I’m not snapping as much at people, and I’m generally not getting pissed off at silly things that normally would get to me. I wonder if I’m finally growing up, or if I’m giving up and just don’t want to fight anymore. Regardless, I think things will turn out alright for me. The song of the day today is, “I’m Gonna Make You Mine” by Lou Christie


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