So, either I’m dropping the weight…

So, I’ve come to the conclusion that the work I’ve been doing to attempt to lose weight isn’t working as intended. I mean, I’m trimming down and that’s great. My legs are definitely looking better and my clothes are generally fitting more loosely and all of that good stuff. The numbers on the scale aren’t going down, which is kind of what I’m trying to get to happen. Ideally, I know what is causing these results, too much muscle building and not enough cardio to burn fat. So, I’ve cut back on the number of reps I’ve been doing of push ups and stomach crunches. I’ve still been doing some planks to strengthen the core and that’s going to continue. I have to spend more time on the elliptical than I currently do. Right now, I spend anywhere from 5-7 minutes on the elliptical during a session. I can’t rush that, I have to let my time increase without hurting my body short or long term. Still, the sooner I start seeing results from that the better. Once the weight starts coming down, then I’ll bump up the strength training again. From there, I think I’m going to look into the discipline of parkour, because that seems like it’d be a good workout and useful in some situations.

Today has been a good day overall, didn’t spend much time at work. I do enjoy being able to almost have a full weekend, it gives me a chance to kind of recharge. Recharging is great for me, and it might help me keep from losing my sense of humor at work. Still, I found my original cigar punch, which I’ve missed since I decided I was ordering some cigars. I also found my cigar case which means I could in theory carry 3 cigars with me to work. Not that I will, but if I decide to take one in to enjoy while taking my lunch it’s nice to have the case instead of carrying the smoke raw. I also found my Ezio figurine from the Assassin’s Creed II package I bought last year. It’s taken it’s place on top of the big screen, although he may find his way back to my desk at work. Also got to smoke another one of my cigars, another of Cuban Crafters’ house brand cigars. This one didn’t fall apart, and was actually a good smoke. Not as full bodied as advertised in the catalog, but certainly stronger than some of their other brands.

I’ve also been thinking about my education. I’ve mentioned before that I’ve withdrawn at DeVry University. One of the ideas I’ve been kicking around is nursing. I’ve mentioned it before and I’ve been considering it even more than I had before. I may call my mom and see what her thoughts on the idea is. Still, it could mean a huge pay increase and all of that fun stuff. Still, kind of kicking it around. So, yeah there’s that.


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