Is it worth staying if I’m stuck where I am?

Sitting on the porch, cigar is lit and I’m relaxing while I think about the direction my professional life is going. I’ve been working at Francini for almost 2 years. In the beginning, I gave everything I had on a daily basis. I would help customers, help Moises the manager, and my coworkers in whatever way I could. I was what you would call a model employee. I guess a lot of people are like that at the beginning. The company was starting to grow and I was in near the ground floor. It was exciting and I really thought that I had a future with the company.

As we hired more people I was given less responsibility. I didn’t have to help as many customers as I had been. I was fine with that. The customers I did help, I did well and I spent time trying to make things make more sense. When our customer information forms changed, I tweaked them so there was more usable spaces on the form since our customers often narrowed down as they went through the yard, and 5 lines is not enough to write down all the names of materials customers are considering. What I developed was the customer worksheet, where there’d be plenty of space during the choosing process, which would lead to a natural segue to the customer information sheet which would be used to place materials on hold. Since it’s awkward to ask for the information to place material on hold before they even know what they want. Moises praised me for my innovation… no one used the forms. I could somewhat accept that, change isn’t easy even if it will improve the process.

About the same time, I noticed that Moises and Mike had a tendency to go get high during their lunch. Couple this with the general feeling of there being 2 different staffs in the building (the ones who had been there since the beginning and stayed in the back, and the rest of us who did most of the actual work). The general negative attitude didn’t help either. I wasn’t happy, and since Moises was the manager and was part of the problem I had to go beyond him. I drafted a letter to the owner of the company and almost immediately he gave everyone a drug test. Mike cheated the drug test, and shortly thereafter the owner visited the facility. Holding meetings with everyone on the current staff. I informed Andrea, the owner of the company, of Mike’s cheating the drug test. A speech about the company being a family, and mentioning some of the concerns I had in a group meeting (along with the individual meetings held with everyone)… and nothing got done.

Now before the issues with the forms and other issues. I had made my intentions known to Andrea concerning where I wanted my career to go, stating plainly that if we were expanding soon I wanted to be the man to run the next facility. I was told that we’d be expanding in 6-8 months. That was a year ago. The expansion talk has come up again, this time to Seattle, Washington instead of New Mexico or Arizona. A 4 month window… with Mike getting the position.

With all of that said, I’m wondering what place I really have at Francini. I mean, I can do everything anyone else there can, better than some of them. I’ve been placed into what amounts to an IT position, where I maintain the computers and other electronics, with the occasional helping of customers and whatever other tasks are requested of me. Basically, I don’t do anything for 9 hours a day. I get paid fairly well for what I do, and sometimes I wonder if I should do more… but then I think if when I was doing my best work and nothing I said or did accomplished anything, why would I bother doing more now? So, I’ve brushed up my resume and started looking for other work.

I recently withdrew from DeVry, mostly because there’s no point in going to advance my career when the owner of the company basically called a degree ‘just a piece of paper’. Now, I’m thinking, maybe I should go down a completely different path. A path where I can help people, and maybe have something else to take my focus away from what may be wrong in the company I’m working for. Something like nursing, or some other form of sales. I don’t know, and I need to think about what to do next. I mean I could take some call center work and go back to school (or any other work and go back to school) and really improve my life. Or I can continue where I’m at and try to make a real go at becoming whatever the hell it is Andrea considers management material. If anyone has any thoughts, I’d like to hear them… cause I don’t know.


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