Where’s Your Crown, King Nothing?

It’s Tuesday, and it’s looking like it’ll be a busy-ish day for me. I’m sitting in my office right now, we’ve just barely opened for the work day officially. I’m not feeling terrible, not great, but not terrible… just kind of, I don’t know, mellow. I have to go to Sandy to sign some papers for a case one of the fabricators has with their former customer, since I helped the customer they need a statement from me. Then, hopefully getting my truck fixed, still need the oxygen sensors put in. Hopefully that’s all I need to pass safety & emission, cause things are going to be really tight this week and the first week of March. Somehow, every personal bill (ie things I pay for myself, and that don’t really affect Tasha) is due in the same two week period. Car insurance, cell phone, and cable bill. After this month though, it shouldn’t be as big of an issue, just this 2 week period going to be really rough.

I’m sure the few of you who regularly read my blog know I’ve taken a break on the dieting and exercise thing until the start of next month. It’s odd, I’ve lost about 3 pounds since I wrote that down and made that plan ‘official’. From 326.8 pounds down to 323.6 pounds, which I like. It means that, in theory, I’ll be closer to my ultimate goal when I get back on the workout and diet regime. Although, I’m still looking for other ways to boost my metabolism, B12 and building muscle have been good, but the sooner I can start really cutting into this fat I have, the better. I wonder whether taking the HCG drops while doing what I’m doing would make a difference. I don’t think it’d be a good idea for me to go to the recommended 500 calorie diet, because I’d end up breaking it really easily. I wonder if anyone has done any research about people doing that. I’ll have to google it.

I’ve been thinking about the direction I want to go, professionally. I mean, I enjoy sales in the sense I like talking with most customers. I like the interaction, and unlike a lot of sales people I’m very upfront about potential issues with whatever I’m selling. It probably hamstrings me a bit in my results, but I sleep better at night. Still, when I’m being told to push something that isn’t usually necessary (such as most extended warranties), well then I have a problem. I think I’m going to give my mom a call tonight, talk things over with her about the pros and cons of nursing. Sometime in the next couple weeks I need to talk to the folks at Salt Lake Community College, about enrolling and what sort of degree programs they offer. A degree will help regardless of what I decide to do.

On a completely unrelated note, the song of the day is “King Nothing” by Metallica


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