Do You Have the Time…

Well, my week and a half (approximately) of free eating will be over soon. Time to get back on the diet and exercise train, get it rolling. I’m confident I’ll have more consistent success than the first month or so of my journey. I know what I want to do, what I need to do to make what I want to do happen. So, hopefully I can get down to my goal weight of 225 by the end of the year. I’m in the process of setting up a new weight tracker on I will try to post my food intake logs either here or on Medhelp’s site. I have a notebook ready for that, maybe then I’ll be able to see where the weight I will put on (temporarily) is coming from. The best thing is now that Patrick’s out of his cone, I think the wieners and I can get back to long walks right before bed. Do something to help Copper lose a few pounds as I lose a few pounds. It’d be awesome, cause he’s awesome and I want to keep him and Patrick healthy.

On another note, I have to get my truck in for safety and emission inspections today. I’m mostly certain that it’ll pass. The biggest issue has been taken care of (that being the Oxygen Sensors), worst case scenario is I need to get my brake pads and shoes changed. I’ve priced out that repair, and I’m looking at about 30-35 dollars for the pads and shoes, and since I know someone to put those on for me… I don’t have to pay extra for that. Unless there’s an issue that I’m completely unaware of, I think it’ll pass.

Once I get my bills for this month paid, I think I’m going to start freshening up my wardrobe. I’ve noticed a lot of my current clothes are looking old, worn, and generally not looking as good as I’d like. This is something I’ve needed to do for awhile, but I think once the bills are taken care of, and I get Tasha’s birthday gift purchased, I’ll have the money to start replacing the oldest things. I really only have about 6 pair of pants that look good enough to wear to work and even those are looking less than stellar. The pants I’m wearing now are developing a hole in one of the back pockets. I bought a new oxford style shirt last week, and it looks splendid on me. Still, I think my first purchases will be undergarments. I could use some new undershirts and underpants… and they’ll be fine as my weight drops (at least until I get close to my goal weight). As I get closer to my goal weight, and in theory my clothing sizes go down, then I’ll start really getting into buying the main visible pieces of my wardrobe shirts & pants. Until I start getting close to my goal weight, I’ll buy pants and shirts on an as needed basis. No point in spending hundreds of dollars on clothes that’ll be too big in a couple of months, you know?

Beyond that, I’m tired of the whining at work. I try not to make my issues too public, I know that they can easily be used against me. I put it in this blog, if someone reads it and does something about the issues that’s great. If they don’t, well, then I at least have it out and can get on with doing whatever it is I need to do. Still, listening to Mike whine about his work cell phone being broken is getting annoying. If you were more careful with it, it wouldn’t be broken. Since the company pays for it, it’s only logical that they know when you need a new phone and don’t allow anyone here to upgrade willy-nilly. If you’re that concerned about using your phone, you can go to Walmart, buy one of AT&Ts Go phones, put the sim card in that and boom, you have a working phone. Crybaby.

I’m done with this entry, aside from informing everyone reading that the song of the day is “A Long Time Ago” by Jim Croce. With that, I bid you all a great day and hope today brings you much joy.


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