Back to Work…

It took about 20 minutes, but I did my first workout in my restarted quest to get down to 225 pounds. Most of it was elliptical work, burn the fat I have. Not that I’m completely neglecting muscle building, I did some stomach crunches, push ups, and planks. Now that I have a better idea what gets me the results I’m looking for, I’m better prepared to make the best of this attempt. According to my newest weight tracker over on, I have 305 days to make my goal. If my math is correct, I’d have to have an average loss of about a third of a pound each day. Which really isn’t much, but I know I’ll plateau a few times during the course of this. As long as I don’t balloon again, I’ll be fine. At my last measurement before my break from my regime, I was near 329 pounds, so that ultimately I didn’t gain any weight during my break is a good sign.

Once I figure out how to keep Patrick from barking at me at the beginning of my elliptical time I’ll be able to get more done in a continuous fashion. Stopping after about a minute after I start feels like cheating, I can’t cheat on the workout part of this. I can have an occasional ‘cheat’ meal, but I can’t make it a habit. Dinner I made tonight was pretty filling. Some lemon pepper swai fillets, corn and rice. I added some creole seasoning to the corn and rice, as I’ve read spicy foods help speed metabolism… and I like spicy foods. If I can make relatively lean meals that are still filling, then I’ll be in good shape. I think in a couple weeks I’ll pick up what I need to make some soups for me at work. I figure homemade soups will be a bit healthier for me than the store bought stuff. Just need the money and time to get the stuff and then actually make the soup.

I’m feeling pretty good after my workout. It might be the workout, or it might be the bath I took afterwards. I may split my workouts up a little bit, doing the muscle building in the morning before work. See if it helps my mood as well as help my weight loss. Then in the evenings after a light dinner, I can do my cardio on the elliptical and such. It’s a thought, maybe I should show some consistency again before I start trying to tweak my workout schedule. I do need to start planning rewards for myself. New clothes would be good, since I should be able to get some wear out of each new set before they need to be replaced. At 50 pounds, maybe then I’ll pick up the Kinect and arrange the living room so I can use it. Then at 100 pounds, a brand new suit (or two depending on what kind of sales are going on then, heh). If I get beyond the 100 pound mark, I have no idea, but I’ll think of something.

It feels good to be working out again, I’m looking forward to staying on track and getting where I want to go with this. Your song of the day is “Burn it to the Ground” by Nickelback, also known as my elliptical training song. Seriously the beat is perfect for elliptical work.


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