In 366 days…

In 366 days I will be a married man, barring some sort of change or tragic setback, and I’m alright with that. I need to be, cause it’ll be a disaster if I’m not. Hopefully this whole wedding thing goes off smoothly and there are no major setbacks.

This week has been something, I’ve been a little sleep deprived because of some of the wedding related things that Tasha and I have been doing. Still, some of the stress in my life has disappeared, even though I fear it’s a temporary thing. The court case I was to testify in has taken place, and I wasn’t available to testify. Apparently the fabricator won the case. I’m okay with this, if only because it keeps me out of it and means I can stay working here without much concern. So, there is that.

Unfortunately some new stress has taken the place of the others, although it’s not nearly as much of an issue as the court case was. Patrick and Copper are having some issues, Patrick attacked Copper yesterday and needed a butt-whuppin’ to get it to stop. I’m hoping it’s a isolated incident because I love both of the wieners and would rather not have to get rid of either of them. Still, if that has to happen, then it has to happen. I’m really hoping it doesn’t have to though.

I’m also finding it hilarious that my co-workers are upset about not being able to change prices in our computer system here at work. From what I understand the corporate office is setting prices in the system, and removing our ability to change them. I guess they’re not fans of that, and when you’ve grown used to being able to change prices it’s a shock. I understand the reasoning on corporate’s end as well. It’s easier to project income and profit and all of that, if everyone is charging the same price to each fabricator. I actually welcome the change and hope they get prices set for all of the materials we carry. I want to be able to look up a price in the computer instead of via a price list either from corporate or made myself of materials not included in the corporate price list. Here’s hoping it sticks, most of the potentially positive changes made prior this have been changed back. We’ll see.

I’m looking forward to this evening, I’m hoping for a light rain after I get dinner made so I can sit on the porch with a Sancho Panza cigar, a bottle of the Devastator double bock, and watch the rain while I relax and listen to some music. I’d settle for a hard rain that keeps customers away today, but I’d prefer the light rain after work. In the meantime, the song of the day is “Weapon of Choice” by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.


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