Odd Thoughts

Living in a Snow Globe would Suck

As some of you may be aware, I’m not always the normal, well put together guy I portray myself as. I have a tendency to have odd thoughts, because they just kind of happen. I’ve been known to share them with my family, such as the time I insisted that a couple of bags of fruit be put together so they could be with their family. It snowed yesterday, and I was thinking that the second snow of the spring is not nearly as magical as the first. That led to the thought that living in Utah is like living in a snow globe, since a lot of the time the snow falls as large, fluffy flakes. That in turn led to the thought that it would suck to live in a snow globe. You get turned upside down, or have an earthquake and then almost immediately as soon as that’s done you get a snow storm.

I don’t share as many of my odd thoughts as I used to, mostly because people seem to think I’m weird already. I really don’t need to add to that. Even though it’s absolutely true. It’s been a weird couple of days, but I’m feeling good about things for the most part. Today is payday and I can start getting things back in order and get back on track so I can make a concerted effort to reach my goals and make a couple of my dreams a reality. In the meantime though, I’ll do what I have to do and hope for the best. Song of the day today is “Friday” by Rebecca Black.


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