Of Cigars and Smoking

cigars I’ve been doing quite a bit of cigar smoking in the last month or so. Almost daily have I been smoking a cigar. Now, I come to the blogosphere looking for recommendations from others who love finely crafted cigars as much as I do. Although, based on where most of my page views are coming from I don’t know how many cigar smokers are actually reading my blog.

Like I said I’ve been smoking a cigar once a day on most days. A lot of times, I smoke a cigar on my lunch break. There’s not usually a problem with the time it takes to smoke a cigar. I take my LG Quantum, turn on some music and lean against my truck and puff away. Removing the stress I have accumulated throughout the morning. It’s not a bad way to unwind mid-day. For the safety it brings my co-workers, it’s probably best for everyone if I continue to smoke during my lunch.

My issue is stemming from my choice of smokes. I usually prefer full bodied cigars, cigars that you know you smoked. Afterwards, I get lightheaded and it takes awhile for me to get back to normal. Now, my options to fix this are both pretty simple. I can either start bringing larger lunches. If I start bringing larger, more filling lunches it’ll cut into my smoking time. I’m not really up for that. My other other option is to find some lighter bodied cigars to smoke on my lunches at work. Being that they would be daily cigars I don’t want anything too expensive.

While I’d like to get a box or two of Marsh Wheeling Deluxe stogies for my office, they’re certainly not as strong as my usual fare. I haven’t been able to find them locally. Seems like my usual source for cigars is not carrying them anymore. So I come to you, the cigar smoking public. I’m looking for recommendations for inexpensive (below 3 dollars a stick) mild cigars for my daily smoking pleasure at work. My stress levels, and the safety of my co-workers depends on it.

On an unrelated note, the song of the day today is “Sweet Pea” by Tommy Roe.


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  1. Like parents, like children.

    • I’m curious as to what you mean by that. Since neither of my parents were regular smokers of anything (to the best of my knowledge). The choice to smoke cigars is my own.

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