The 5 (Okay, Okay 6) Year Plan

So maybe I won't be in 7th Grade

As those who may or may not follow me on twitter know, I went to talk to a different school about furthering my education. I’ve opted to change my major from Business Administration with a Marketing focus, to Graphic & Web Design. I figure I’ll do something interesting to me that could in theory lead to owning my own business. I noticed that there are a lot of businesses out there without a web presence, or a very weak one. I feel like that would be a market I could hit with the proper skills. The nice thing about the school I’m starting in a little over a week is that not only do they teach me the skills but also give me the basics on starting and running my own business. Since it’s a two year degree (give or take a few months) it won’t be a real long time before I can start really using what I’m learning. At first, for myself… then I can take it to others, who I’ll have to charge.

The next part of my plan is still somewhat in flux. Now, I could then return to school to get my degree in Computer Technology with a focus on Networking, which would mean I could in theory host the websites I would build, and offer some computer repair services. I could also return to school to get a degree in Business Administration, with a focus either in Marketing or Accounting. Accounting, would probably be the most beneficial in the sense that if my business fails, I could likely find a job as a accountant somewhere. So there is that.

Depending on which degree I choose to pursue after getting my Graphic Arts degree, would really give me the best idea for how long it’ll take to get my business beyond the planning stages. Having looked at some of the prices being charged for website design, I could make a pretty good living even if I charge a little less than the average for a small company or freelance designer. So, that could be a lucrative opportunity. Hosting, isn’t as lucrative but would certainly provide some recurring income for my business if I choose to go that route. I think with good planning, and working to master my chosen craft I could be a huge success.

I think it’s a good plan, once I finalize a few of the details. In the meantime, I’m just hoping for the best in my educational pursuits. With all of that said, the song of the day is “Alternative Girlfriend” by Barenaked Ladies.


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