So it appears it’s easy to become a wedding photographer

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Got back from the Salt Lake Bridal Expo, Extravaganza or whatever they want to call it. It was fun, for the first couple of hours. Even though I’m just the groom and it’s really not my crowning moment I did learn a few things. Not all of them useful, but not everything ever learned is useful. For example, I have never needed to figure out the circumference of a circle in my everyday life. So there is that.

One of the things I learned is that it is apparently exceptionally easy to become a wedding photographer. I think every other booth at the event was for a photographer. There were also some videographers as well. Neither Tasha nor I really enjoy getting our pictures taken, and videos are just pictures that are taken in motion. So there’s that. I could be a wedding photographer if I picked up a halfway decent digital camera, apparently. Maybe it’s because I’m a guy and I don’t understand the importantance of wedding photos, but I don’t think it’s something that would be that expensive to do… aside from binding the photos into a book of some sort.

I think we insulted the Cutco representative there when we started talking about our Montrose knives. The Montrose knives we have are amazing. Any time I can cut through a 5 pound chub of ground beef and get perfectly smooth cuts, well there’s something to be said for that. I don’t mind though, cause if you have a bad ass item, then you should be willing to talk about it. Get more of those bad ass items out there. You know what I’m saying, mang? There were a few folks selling cookware there, but after the Vita-Craft demonstration, I’m not sure if I’ll ever use other cookware again (once I get mine that is).

Talked to a representative from a custom suit place, that seemed cool. I’m kind of thinking if I don’t rent a tuxedo for the wedding, that a custom suit might actually be a great idea. Even once I get down to my goal weight, I may see them about getting a custom suit made. If I find the process and the final product to be as awesome as expected I may purchase other custom suits in the future. How bad ass would it be to have a closet full of custom suits and shirts? Very bad ass.

There were a few things we saw there that I’d like to have at the wedding and reception. A photo booth would be cool, and I know Tasha really likes the idea of a photo booth. A sundae bar would be at least three types of awesome, and cupcakes would be great. Although there’s very little about our wedding that would be considered traditional, the cake is almost definitely going to be there. Apparently, her mom is making a cake for the wedding, so that cuts down some of the expense. Still, there’s a lot out there that would be really cool to have during the wedding process.

What was really great was when talking to DJs and bands about entertainment, which we’ve got sorted already, was their reaction to Tasha’s awesome idea. Her awesome idea? Instead of hiring a band or a DJ and having dancing (or in my case, awkwardly plodding with my new wife) we’re going to set up the Xbox 360 and play Guitar Hero and Rock Band games at the reception. May have to pick up the Keyboard package of Rock Band 3 (especially since 867-5309/Jenny has dropped as DLC for it), but that’s a small expense compared to a DJ or band.

Overall, I count the experience at the Expo as a positive one. Although I’m fatigued and don’t want to go out and get dinner or anything, it gave a lot of ideas and really opened my eyes to how much is going to go into this. That said, if for some reason the marriage between Tasha and I doesn’t work out I’m not doing it again. Now, sitting on the porch, smoking a well made cigar I’m unwinding from the event and thinking about what I need to do to make it a better experience for Tasha and in turn myself.

I have a lot to do and to think about. I’ll leave you with the song of the day, which is “Forever” by Vertical Horizon.


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