Leadership, Or Lack Thereof

A lack of direction can lead to adventure... or disaster

Today was a rather uneventful day at work, at least most of the day was. Overheard a conversation between my ‘manager’ and the receptionist. The receptionist brought up concerns about the two female sales reps. Specifically their overwhelming tendency to take two hour lunches and make exceptionally long personal phone calls at work. Honestly, two valid concerns for those who give a damn about the company. The response from the manager was very telling. What it broke down to is as follows.

-Everyone here is their own boss. If we’re our own boss what the hell is the point of giving a damn about the company?

-You shouldn’t be concerned about making and receiving personal phone calls if you’ve ever made one at work yourself. Which is ridiculous, since I know everyone there has taken at least a few personal phone calls. Admittedly, outside of one of the female sales reps, the ‘assistant manager’ and the receptionist no one lets them dominate the day.

-He’s only working so he has a job two years from now. While to people in their teens and 20s two years is a long time, for those of us who have been around for awhile know that two years isn’t a long time.

Basically, it confirmed my thoughts that there is no real direction at Francini and unless you have no other options to make a living you shouldn’t be staying around too long. I mean the ‘assistant manager’ never graduated high school, but he’s assistant manager. Although knowing the hiring practices at the SLC location, that being whomever is interviewed first gets the job, I’m not surprised. I mean it was great for me, because with my job history to that point I wasn’t getting hired at most places.

Now that I’ve got a good idea of what I need from my professional life. Now that I have a plan to acquire the knowledge I need to do something I’m 94% sure that I’ll love. I can start really planning my escape. I don’t need the place long term, but until I graduate and I have a new position at a company with direction I still need the place.


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