Thoughts and Plans

I start my graphic design courses on Monday, I have orientation for those classes on Thursday. I’m looking forward to the classes. Honestly, if I can find a way to get through the classes more quickly than the 20 months I’m looking at right now, I’m going to do it. I should have looked into graphic design before, because I’ve always been interested in things like web design and graphic design. I think as long as I pay attention to the things I don’t understand, and work to understand them I’ll be in good shape. Unlike when I started with Business Administration classes, I feel like I’m doing this for me. The business administration classes were more to try to get ahead where I work now… that was really the wrong reason.

I’m very excited about the possibilities that could arise after getting my degree. I mean I can always hone my skills as a designer for a company. While doing some work on the side for myself, to raise capital to start my own business. I really think that I’ll be happier if I can start my own business. I’m not fond of working for people I don’t like or respect. It’s a failing of mine, and working here at Francini it’s become more and more noticeable to me. It seems everyone here has plans of taking over the Marble & Granite industry, but keeps tripping over themselves in trying to get there first. The expression about Rome not being built in a day springs to mind.

Still, until I graduate (or find work in my new field before graduation) I’m here at Francini. I’m collecting my paycheck and I’ll do what’s asked of me. I tried giving my all and making changes for the better of the company here and nothing came of it. Maybe I didn’t present my thoughts to the right people, or I wasn’t forceful enough in stating that this would help. All I know is that when you offer ideas that make sense, and can make the work day a little easier for everyone, then those ideas get shot down or ignored… well it takes a lot out of a person.

So, my plan is to get my degree. While doing that, I’ll start working on things to add to my portfolio. Web sites, general graphics, maybe a logo or something for my eventual business. I think it’ll be great and could really get my foot in the door with some companies, either as a prospective employee or as future clients of mine. I know I can make a decent amount of money just from designing websites, but if I include things like event invitation design, and other designs that would really give me a well rounded portfolio and something to really dazzle people whom I may have a professional relationship with.

All I know, is that if I work quickly and effectively in school and do some exploration of the concepts on my own I’ll be in good shape to eventually make my way in the world as my own man and as an entrepreneur. In the meantime, the song of the day is “Bakersfield” by Social Distortion.


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