Here We Go Again


Had my first class at Stevens Henager last night, I think I’m going to excel at Stevens Henager. It seems to be more in tune with my style of learning. The classes are short (twice a week for 4 weeks) and that means I don’t have time to be lazy. That’s a good thing, a very good. Not having a chance to be lazy means I have to stay on the ball and really keep myself in check. My first class is a psychology class. Nothing I haven’t already learned it would appear. Although it would also appear there is going to be some lessons in utilizing what I’m learning. That would be a huge help compared to the critical thinking course at DeVry. I’m looking forward to making this class a win, and in turn my education.

I feel like once I get rolling, I’ll be in great shape to get my five year plan to it’s final point. I’ve also been thinking about a lot of other things, but right now school and work are front and center. The wedding is a little to the right, mostly because without the money I bring home from working, there won’t be a way to pay for the wedding. School, seems like something I can handle pretty easily. Work, I need to make some changes in myself and the way I interact with my co-workers. Maybe if I treat them more like people and less like distractions things will improve. We’ll see, but it’s worth a shot.

I’ve also been working on trying to get my workout plan back in order. With school I’ll definitely have to change things up a bit, mostly because my evenings are at least partially filled with classes. If my classes fall so I’m doing one on campus class and one online class each module, then I’ll be alright. I can workout on my days away from class, and in theory keep some sense of normal in my life. I haven’t lost much weight since I started working out again (last week) but 4 pounds in less than a week isn’t too bad. I was up to 334 at my heaviest, as of this morning I’m down to 330. Which is still heavier than I started when I began trying to lose weight at the beginning of the year. So clearly the routine needs tweaking, I need to go harder on some things, and rearrange the order of specific exercises. I’ve been doing mostly calisthenics with a slight bit of vigorous cardio. I think I need to put the cardio in the middle of the workout, then I can do it longer than I would if I put it at the end of the routine.

The only other thing really on my mind is acquiring some new cigars. While the cigars I have are decent to good in quality (really should have stayed away from Thompson’s catalog and their insanely cheap coronas). I feel like I need to branch out and try some of the newer brands out there, as well as some brands I didn’t try before because they were out of my price range when I was smoking regularly before. I figure at the tasting event this Friday I can pick up some more smokes and maybe get hooked up with some free smokes. I do enjoy free smokes, no matter how poorly constructed or how terrible they may taste, they are free. I can take a reduction in quality for a lower price tag, or no price tag as the case may be.

In the meantime, I’ve got homework, and actual work to do. (Okay, maybe not) The song of the day today is “Good Time Song” by Jeff Martin.


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