Very Nice

As I’ve written before, I’ve started to acquire my degree again this time in Graphic Arts. My first course is a psychology class. What it basically is, is a course designed to teach skills and habits to help students in class and at work. One of the points that has been hammered home during my first two class sessions is having a positive attitude. Since I want to be successful not only during the course of achieving my degree but in the future in my career I’ve started to work that lesson into my life outside of school. Working to be more positive in my outlook, being more optimistic about my future and affirming myself. I realize that results won’t be an overnight thing, but I figure it’ll be very helpful to me in the future. Regardless of whether I’m still here at Francini or running my own company.

With that said, I’ve been re-evaluating some of the things I have said about the company and my co-workers. I think I’ve been too hard on the company, and on my co-workers. The negativity I had been bringing really dragged me down. So I said things that while I thought were true, weren’t necessarily how they really are. While I still don’t think this company is the right place for me, it’s certainly not as bad as I have made it out to be. There’s room for improvement, and since I don’t really have all the information about long term plans of the company I can’t say anything about the company’s direction. Negativity can be a killer, and I don’t want to die… yet. This week and next week, I’ll be trying to observe the company through more positive set of glasses as opposed to what I had been doing before.

I also need to re-evaluate myself, and what I want out of my personal life. Since I’ve got my professional life on what I feel is a good track. I need to focus on fulfilling myself personally. That’s something I haven’t done since I was back in Pittsburgh, nearly 3 years. While I’ve started re-establishing some hobbies I enjoyed and still enjoy. There’s still plenty of things I want to have going in my personal life. I haven’t made any really good friends out here since I’ve moved. I mean there were a few people that I kind of connected with, but ultimately it ended up not getting past friendly co-worker stage. I also want to start going to more concerts and things like that, just really getting out and mingling more. In June there’s a Biffy Clyro concert here in Salt Lake City, so I’m really hoping to have the free funds to go to that. I do so enjoy Biffy Clyro.

I’ve got some work to do, clearly, but that won’t stop me from informing everyone that the song of the day today is “Know Your Quarry” by Biffy Clyro.


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