Changing Habits, Changing Minds

I’ve been really working to improve myself, not only from a physical standpoint, but also from a mental one. I’ve been working out, and I’ve dropped about 5 pounds from my heaviest weight, I’ve sort of stagnated while I’ve changed up my routine. Instead of working out daily, now I’m working out every other day. Usually in the evening, so I don’t disturb my neighbors or anything like that. Still, my mood is improving and I feel better about myself now that the weight is coming off. Since I’ve also put money down on laser fat removal assistance, my results should increase exponentially between the laser treatments and my workouts. I could potentially have abs sooner than anticipated, but I won’t bank on it.

I’ve also been trying to have a more positive attitude at work. While it hasn’t been easy, it’s been working as well as I could have expected for me. I don’t hate my job now, although there are still frustrating moments and all of that. I’m also trying to get that to carry over into my home life. I need to be more engaged in home decisions and all of that good stuff so by being more positive maybe I can see things a little more objectively and offer some serious insight into the goings on at home. I’ve also been purchasing cigars from a local shop as an aid in my positive thinking. The more cigars I have, the more I can ultimately smoke and they tend to leave me with a good feeling after smoking one.

Speaking of cigars, my purchases lately have been similar to that of a new cigar smoker. Trying everything and seeing what I enjoy. It’s been about 3 years since I really seriously smoked cigars, so in a lot of ways I’m starting over again. Although the cost of entry into the hobby here in Utah is incredibly high, it’s something I view as an investment in my own happiness. The same way I view my degree at Stevens Henager, and the same way I view my dachshunds. So there is all of that. Still, cigars are something that can lead me to being a part of a larger brotherhood. If I had the inclination yesterday, I would have stayed a little longer at the shop as part of their Perdomo Grand Cru tasting event. Still with it being cold and my being underdressed for the weather I don’t think I would have enjoyed it much. Still, there was a pretty good turn out, and a lot of different kinds of people. Tasting events and things of that nature are something I need to be a part of in the future. Who knows what could come of it.

I did notice last week that I was nearing 100 posts in this blog. So I’m thinking that maybe I should do something a little special for the 100th post here in The Musings of a Saint. Maybe it’s time to unveil a video blog entry or something similar. I don’t know, but I have been thinking about it. If any of my readers has a suggestion feel free to pass it along in the comments here, or you know email me or something. Anyway, the song of the day today is “Upside Down” by Barenaked Ladies. Have a great day, folks.


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