100th Entry, Not Quite What I Had Planned

Cigar "Bomb" #1

This entry marks the 100th entry into the blog for me. This is the first time I’ve cared enough to really make any sort of big deal about it. Now, initially I had planned to make this a video blog entry. After the gifts (known as bombs to members of the Puff.com community) I received yesterday I couldn’t help but write a little about the cigars and how nice it is to be able to try some more exotic cigars than what I would usually smoke. As I may have mentioned at some point in the recent past, I’ve kind of restarted as a newbie to the world of cigar smoking. I’ve been trying a few cigars a week from the local Brick & Mortar store (specifically The Tinder Box here in Salt Lake City. I’ve found a few sticks I really enjoy, such as those by Tatuaje. I’ve found a some underwhelming sticks, but the staff there seems knowledgeable and that’s huge when you’re basically starting over again.

Cigar "Bomb" #2

Still, my funds are somewhat limited I know that there are some cigars that I can’t afford right now (Cohiba banded cigars spring to mind). Cigar “bombs” are really helpful, and I appreciate my fellow Brothers (and Sisters) of the Leaf at Puff.com. In the two bombs I received there are some seriously rare cigars. There also appear to be a couple from an island south of Miami. I never thought I’d be able to get any of those until a certain leader passed away. So I’m looking forward to those cigars, as well as the others. In total, I received a total of 11 cigars, a V-cutter, a butane lighter, and an LED flashlight. Sent by two members of the puff forums. Having been on the internet for nearly 15 years, I’m always on the lookout for a place where there are not only knowledgeable folks, but ones who aren’t complete dickbags. I’ve been able to find forums with people like that, not only Puff.com but also EWB.

Puff being a forum dedicated mostly to cigar smoking (although there is a section Pipe smoking as well as other adult pass times), and EWB starting as a wrestling game forum, but it’s developed into a general interest forum, with a focus on professional wrestling. If either of these hobbies appeal to you, I recommend going to these sites because there are definitely people who can help you find the information you seek. Although EWB is a lot of like a boys club, where the older members pick on their younger brothers (so to speak), you can find some interesting wrestling news and opinions without having to worry about typical smarky bullshit. Puff.com is a little more welcoming, if only because users of tobacco are being taxes more than non-users, because it makes for good public relations for senators and such. We continue to fight for our rights, and help out fellow Brothers and Sisters of the Leaf. Why? Because we can.

So, I want to thank my fellow Puff.com members for their generous gift, and in the spirit of the brotherhood I intend to pay the kindness forward (and probably back as well). On an unrelated note, the song of the day today is, “Tobacco Island” by Flogging Molly.


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